Fitness is a good look on anyone

Pictured is Davy Willingham at Body Vision Fitness & Aquatic Center in Rainsville holding some trophies he has won at competitions.

Davy Willingham is a local entrepreneur who started out small and has steadily worked his way up in the business world. Willingham owns Body Vision Fitness & Aquatic Center in Rainsville, along with a shopping center where he rents space to other businesses.

Willingham has expanded his business twice over the last twenty years and has plans for continued growth in the future. Willingham said his business and his hobby are basically the same thing. “If you do what you like for work, it doesn’t feel like work,” Willingham said.

While attending Plainview High School, Willingham played football, basketball, and baseball. Lifting weights at school was just part of his physical fitness regime and it stuck with him. Now in his fifties, the benefits are definitely being reaped. While many of his peers are slowing down and settling into more sedentary lifestyles, Willingham is able to “keep up with the young folk.”

Fellow body builders encouraged him to go into competition and he came home with trophies. He entered the Clash at the Capstone and Alabama State competitions and placed in third and fifth in his respective categories.

“The way I see it is you can spend your money on medical prescriptions or spend money on a gym membership,” Willingham said. “It probably costs less these days to pay for a gym membership than it does for prescriptions and, honestly, I think the exercise helps a lot more than the drugs. I’ve seen people join the gym who lost just twenty or so pounds and were able to stop taking their prescriptions.”

Willingham said fitness takes time, it doesn’t happen over night and that a physical fitness routine should be individualized to meet the needs of each person. He knows people who run for fitness, but that is not how he works out. He takes cardio at his gym and uses weights to keep fit. He also finds that what works best for him is five smaller meals per day and not eating after 8 p.m.

“Watching what you eat is especially important as we age,” he said. “Even though I work out, I still make sure I eat a healthy diet as well. Some people live a long life, but they don’t feel good; I want both.”

“I feel blessed to have the support of my family, my mother helps out at the gym in the daycare and I couldn’t do this without the loving support of my wife, Pam, and our daughters Courtney, Ava and Ali, my son Chase, and grandson, Jackson,” he said.

Davy’s Motto: “I can do all things though Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13.

— Marla Ballard’s Who’s Who appears in the Times-Journal weekday editions.

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