“Who can find a good wife? She is far more precious than jewels…She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.” Proverbs 31:10,26

I believe one of the secrets to joy is to have a thankful heart. I am profoundly grateful to the Lord for the blessing of my mother as she has been an example of a wise and kind woman throughout my life. My mother is a part of a long line of women in my family who kept the faith and passed it on to next generation. From an early age she had a deep love for the Lord and thankfully instilled that same love in her children and now her grandchildren.

I owe my deep desire for wisdom to my mother. Knowing that it is a gift of the Holy Spirit, she taught me from an early age to pray for “the wisdom to know God’s will and the courage to follow it.” Wisdom gives us the ability to know what God is asking of us in the moment and gives us the power of discernment between right and wrong. Wisdom is different than just a knowledge of facts and requires a profound humility about one’s dependence on God. How many times have I asked my mother for advice or complained to her about my troubles, and she has gently reminded me to return to prayer! My mother is a great listener and spends a significant part of the day in counsel to others. Her wisdom comes from a spirit of first listening to the Lord in her daily prayers.

I think of the kindness of my mother shown through her little words of encouragement and of her large acts of self-sacrificing love. She is the heart of the home and a source of great joy for my family. One of the often-repeated lessons I learned from Mom was the value of offering up our sufferings for others. Every mother brings life into the world through their suffering and teach us to transform our struggles into opportunities to love. My mother continues to teach me to rejoice in the light of Christ and to keep my eyes on the goal of Heaven. Today, may we take a moment to thank God for the blessings of our life and especially pray for our mothers.

– Rev. Rick Chenault, pastor, Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church.

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