There I was with my hands full. I had been working outside a while back and I was soaked from head to toe due to ample humidity. And then I heard it. At first it was like a distant droning or maybe a subtle hum, but it grew louder. There it was. A glint of yellow caught my eye as the yellow jacket seemed to be on a crash course with my head, then my arm, then my wrist. As I just barely had time to recognize what was going on, I jumped immediately into a defensive posture. My hands were full, so all I could do was swing my body erratically, trying to elude my thimble size kamikaze attacker.

Then I saw him embrace my left wrist. It was as if he was simply holding on because I realized my swatting him had no effect, he just embedded his stinger deeper into my arm. And then there was the pain. That shot of adrenaline mixed with the stark bite of a stinger into my sweaty, Caucasian skin.

As I brushed the dead yellow jacket aside, and unloaded my supplies onto the grass, I was amazed at this little one’s ferocity….and sacrifice. I never saw its nest, never knew I violated its space, although he was clearly on a mission, and he succeeded. Could I learn something from this pint-sized confrontation that still makes my arm ache? Could God speak through an insect? Well, if He could speak through Balaam’s donkey in the Old Testament, he could certainly use this little yellow guy with wings.

What if? Just what if I was as tenacious with my life as this little yellow jacket was with his? To go up against a seemingly impossible foe, knowing I was outnumbered and would be licked, but I had to accomplish my mission. What if I didn’t limit my pursuits anymore to what made sense to my natural eye, but started looking through the eyes of faith? What if, instead of doubt I saw hope, and instead of impossibility I saw God’s power: an insurmountable source of strength? What if I truly took my eyes off of me (and what I lack) and put them constantly on Him (and what He promises)?

Maybe that’s what David thought as he picked up those 5 small stones, looked up at his giant and realized he wasn’t alone on the battlefield that day. Maybe David was the giant that day after all. What about you?

“As Goliath moved closer to attack, David quickly ran out to meet him.” – I Samuel 17:48

– Reverend Michael Miller, Fort Payne First United Methodist Church.

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