And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose.

This one verse speaks volumes into the weaknesses of being human. All things work to the good. All things? Yes, all things work for the good, even the stupid, ugly, unjustifiable things we do.

The trick here, and I hate using the work trick, but it fits to the way we human beings think, so the trick here is being one who loves God and being one that listens for the call to do what he wants you to do. Let’s break this down right quick. And it isn’t complicated. If I love God, I understand that everything is meant for my good. When bad things just happen. When I mess up it’s meant for my good when he corrects me. When I do something stupid it’s meant for my good when he shows me the ways of my error. Even when he exposes my wrong doing for others to see it’s for my good to be an example that God is using to help others. The great parents in the world do this. The great parents chastise. The great parents of the world understand that you, as a human, can only be two types of an example and that’s a good one or a bad one. Using both to educate you or enlighten you. Next is listening to the call. In Matthew 22:14 it states that many people are called but the chosen (which are in my humble opinion are those that decide to listen) are few.

Part of the learning process is hearing. It’s hard to learn if I am not paying attention. It’s hard to learn if I am talking all the time. It’s hard to learn if I am constantly justifying my actions. It’s time to hear the call. Hear the errors. Hear the mistakes. Hear ourselves in our own mess and understand at that moment I need the Lord. If we will shut up and listen to God, he will keep us out of the “bad things.”

Lastly is understanding his purpose or his will. It’s not about us. It’s about God. His direction and way should be our purpose. Job said though you slay me Lord I will trust you. What great words. Lord I love you enough to listen for your instruction and follow your perfect will that if it takes my life….so be it. If we could just understand that if I am in God all of the good and bad things that just happen or a part of my own doing will work out for my betterment. God is looking to perfect us and in that perfection comes trial and error and even in that good things are produced. Take it from someone that has made many mistakes. Someone who not long ago messed up. Take it from someone who is living proof “all things” work together for the good.

God bless you and pray for me as I will for you.

– Rev. Walter Turner, Pastor of Faith in Christ

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