You may remember the Magic Eye puzzles that became popular in the 1990’s. Each Magic Eye puzzle is a jumble of random dots and images, but if you re-focus your eyes all of a sudden it reveals a 3-D image hidden within the jumbled chaos.

I wrote last week about listening to the Holy Spirit, today I want to speak to our eyes and how we see the Holy Spirit at work in our world.

Our world often looks like the jumbled random dots of a Magic Eye puzzle. It is hard to make sense out of many things in our world. But God gives us a vision of a new day, a day that is not like what we see today.

Over and over the Old Testament describes the coming of the “Day of the Lord” and says “The days are surely coming when…” It was hard for Israel to see the reality of a new vision, especially when Israel was conquered, exiled, and the Temple lay in ruins. Yet God’s people held on to the vision of a new day.

This is the new day the Bible describes:

One day “...justice will roll down like a river and righteousness like a never failing stream” (Amos 5:24).One day we will take our swords, spears, and weapons and turn them into tools to feed our brothers and sisters (Micah 4:3).

One day there will be peace, real peace such that “They will neither harm nor destroy

on all my holy mountain, says the Lord.” (Isaiah 65:25)

More than just envisioning a new day sometime in the future… what if we lived as if that new day was already a reality? This is exactly where the vision starts. It starts in the present! It starts with you and I joining together to serve the Lord because we know that God is making this new day a reality.

It starts with us praying together as we did on the National Day of Prayer in May on the steps of our county courthouse. It starts with ministries like the Bread of Life that bring us together to serve our community and offer far more than just 3 meals a week.

When you re-focused your eyes and stared at a Magic Eye puzzle it suddenly revealed a hidden 3-D image. When we see the Holy Spirit bringing us together, all of a sudden we see this new day taking shape, and we see God’s justice, peace, righteousness, and love already at work in our community.

May God grant us eyes to see the Holy Spirit at work, and the courage to join together in that work.

– Ian Conerly is the pastor of New Oregon United Methodist Church

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