Do you remember being a child and wanting something so bad it seemed like you were going to pass out? You had to have it now. At that moment. In that instant. But, you heard that dreadful word come out of your parents’ mouth–wait.

No matter how big the want was. No matter how small the want was. We hated to have to wait. That has even settled into our adult lives. No matter if it is good or bad, lets have it now. Our society has dictated that to us in so many ways. Commercials: “I want my money and I want it now.” Quick this and quick that. We want weight loss in three weeks that took us 30 years to put on.

It doesn’t work like that. It’s all so opposite of what God wants us to do. In Isaiah 40:31 God sums it up for us. Let’s start with the first 10 words. If we wait upon the Lord he will invigorate us. He will strengthen us in our weakness. Breaks during exercise does something for the body. It gives it time to gather itself. Time for the heart rate to settle, flushes lactic acids and allows muscles to recover.

God is telling us that same thing spiritually. Waiting on God allows spiritual recovery. It flushes out frustration. It allows our heart to settle because we know God is coming to help us. It brings spiritual rest. It brings peace.

The next eight words tell us how we will feel. We shall mount up with wings of eagles. The word that comes to mind to me is effortless. Watch an eagle fly. It is one of the most majestic of birds. When the current catches it, the eagle just spreads its wings and glides. So easy. So secure. The last 14 words simply tell how things will be when we wait on God.

The race of life will be run without giving up. Our walk with Christ no matter the trials and tribulations with be done with joy and strength and we will not get weary in it.

God is simply telling us, if you WAIT on me....I’ll WAIT on you. Let me be your guide and you will never be lead the long way around. If you let me be in front, I’ll have your back too. Rest is in the Lord. Let us wait on him.

– Rev. Walter Turner, Pastor of Faith in Christ

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