“The Big Thompson flood of 1976 was the deadliest flash flood in Colorado’s recorded history. On July 31, between 12 and 14 inches of rain fell over a four-hour period in the mountains around the resort town of Estes Park.

By 9 p.m. the Big Thompson River had taken it from an average depth of 18 inches to a 20-foot wall of water that crashed through the length of the canyon. The monstrous flood took 143 lives and injured 150 people. Some bodies were carried away as far as 25 miles. Some bodies were never recovered. The flood destroyed 418 homes and 52 businesses, 438 vehicles, bridges, roads, the highway and power and telephone lines.” Some of those who escaped did so with barely time to climb or drive out. Many who tried to drive out ahead of the storm were trapped in their cars and swept to their deaths” Denver Post Archive.

What is interesting about this incident is that there were advisories sent well out ahead of time via TV, radio broadcasts, as well as from police and park rangers. The response was: we haven’t seen that kind of a flood here. Most people ignored the warning and the cost was tremendous.

Is it possible that these people thought they knew better? Maybe they doubted the veracity of the flood warnings?

There is a similar story spoken of in the Bible: Noah and the Ark. Noah was warned that because of man’s wickedness a worldwide flood would take place. According to commentators the world population at that time was as low as several hundred thousand people to a possibility of several hundred million.

So how many of those people took heed to the warning given by Noah? We can imagine the responses he received: What is rain? Why is God angry at us, after all I am a good moral person? The God I believe in would never do something like that.

Maybe this is global warming?

Again the question I ask: how many out of that population survived? If we are to believe the Bible is true and accurate the answer would then be eight.

Hey, guess what: another warning: Jesus is coming again. Now is the day of Grace, but when Jesus returns it will be too late. Are you ready?

This Pastor's Corner column was written by Wayne Hrynk, who is the pastor at Hammondville Church of God 7th Day.

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