Feeling forgiveness is half of the battle that some never grasp. Yes, they may believe they are actually forgiven by Christ after receiving Him, but feeling forgiveness is quite another story. What about you? Do you really feel forgiven? I mean way down deep. Do you feel the forgiveness that has crept in, to where your sin used to reside? Where those rooms in your heart were? Those dark rooms that once shamed you, the ones you gave to God? The ones He went into and made sunny… and beautiful… and pure, like they never were dirty?

Do you feel forgiven? Do you walk like you feel forgiven? Is there a perma-grin on your face for no other reason than the fact that you are forgiven by your loving Creator? Do people walk up to you and wonder what all the giddiness is about? Do they wonder why you cannot stop laughing, or why you seemingly have had your spiritual tickle-box turned over? Does the grace of Christ in your life give the world a double take? If not, you may not be feeling the forgiveness, because once you really know that He has washed away your sins, all of them, you cannot help but walk on water, dance like no one’s looking and sing in the shower.

– Michael Miller is the pastor of Fort Payne First United Methodist Church.

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