Last Saturday we talked about why Christians go to church.

I had a fellow minister ask me after that article “Why would Christians not go to church?” and so here we go. . . .

Weather, it’s too hot or it’s too cold. It’s too rainy/snowy. I didn’t like the preacher’s sermon so I won’t go back. Someone hurt my feelings, I didn’t feel welcome, I have to work on Sundays, I’m tired from working the rest of the week. Or I’ve decided to watch my favorite preacher on television and sit in my easy chair in my home. I got out of the habit, I can’t sit on pews. Or, how about “My cat whines if I go to church?”

Maybe the answer to why Christians avoid church is as simple as why they go to church: We want to.

Why not go to church? Why not spend time with other believers seeking to learn more about the lord and act out together God’s will and Word? Lord knows the world needs the church today – the church’s loving strength and service. Lord knows people need to be part of the church today. God offers the opportunity to us. Why not take advantage of it?

If we have gotten out of the habit of attending church for some reason or for no particular reason, how do we begin again? How about just begin again? A children’s song says, “There was an old man named Michael Finnegan. He had whiskers on his chin-ne-gan. The wind blew them off and blew them on again. Poor old Michael Finnegan, Begin Again.

We know the answer to why should we be part of the church– because we need what the church offers – reviving and equipping and opportunities to love each other and the world as the body of Christ is supposed to do.

The church will continue to begin again, and again. It will continue to revive and refresh itself day by day. And the church that serves the living God continues to carry on.

Why would we not be part of the church? We cheat ourselves of a blessing if we don’t stay connected. So hook up. Decide to begin again. In a new way, with a new church or with a familiar church – begin again. Carry on.

– Rev. Teresa Martin, First

Presbyterian Church, Fort Payne

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