Candidates who have qualified (as of July 10) for the Fort Payne City Council election:

• Brian Baine (for Mayor)

• Jamie Fleming

• Wade Hill

• Kerry Jones

• Charlene Magbie

• Diego Reynosa

• Angie Shugart

• Leslie Vaughn

• Walter Watson

• Neal Wooten

• Johnny Eberhart

• Randall Ham

• Phillip Smith

(Source: Fort Payne City Clerk Andy Parker)

Candidates who have qualified (as of July 10) for the Rainsville City Council election:

• Rodger Lingerfelt (for Mayor)

• Monk Blevins (Place One)

• Bejan Taheri (Place Two)

• Ricky Byrum (Place Three)

• Brandon Freeman (Place Four)

• Derek Rosson (Place Five)

(Source: Rainsville City Clerk Kelly Frazier)

The last day, by 5 p.m., to qualify to run in the elections is July 21, 2020. The last day for a voter to apply for a regular absentee ballot is August 20.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on August 25.

Candidates can announce in The Times-Journal. These announcements appear in the lower quarter of the front page to ensure similar placement for all candidates who reach out to us. Announcements should include a head and shoulders photo of the candidate and contain a word count of no more than 500 words describing who the candidate is and the office sought. These can be delivered in person to The Times-Journal office or emailed to To learn more about advertising, call Advertising Director Linda Stiefel at (256) 304-0061 or email

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