Cyndy Smith retires from central office

Cyndy Smith retired after 25 years from the Central Office.

Friday morning the DeKalb County Board of Education held a special-called meeting addressing retirements, resignations, transfers and placements.

DeKalb County Superintendent Jason Barnett thanked Cyndy Smith, who retired from the central office, for her 25 years of service.Barnett expressed his thanks and appreciation to the employees who were on the agenda. The board members also expressed their thanks to the employees for their time with the county school system.

A special thanks was also given to Jimmy Childers, for his years as a science instructor at Ider High School.

Board member Robert Elliot, who is an Ider native, said Childers has been “an excellent teacher.”

“He did a very good job and we wish him truly the best in his feature endeavors,” Elliot said.

The board also:

• accepted the retirement of Cindy Smith, Central Office 9/1/19.

• accepted the resignations of Crestah Taylor, pre-K teacher at Plainview High School 7/8/19, Tina Lyles, assistant director DCTC 7/22/19 and Jimmy Childers, science teacher at Ider High School 9/1/19.

• approved the transfers of Ashley Conde, pre-K teacher at Valley Head to pre-K teacher at Plainview (2019-100), Leigh Ann Stalvey, elementary teacher at Ider High school to counselor at Valley Head (2019-112), Heather Conkle, pre-K teacher at Crossville Middle School to pre-K teacher at Ruhama (2019-136) and Joseph Blackwell, half-day assistant principal/half-day physical education teacher at Crossville Middle to principal at Crossville Middle (2019-121) – two year probationary contract (July 12, 2019 – June 30, 2021).

• approved the certified placements of Nicole Callahan, elementary teacher at Collinsville High School (2019-126) and Anna Adams, middle school math teacher at Ruhama Jr. High (2019-137).

• approved the support placements of Sherry Pettis, pre-K auxiliary Crossville middle (2019-128), Ashlyn Benefield, itinerant special education paraprofessional at Ider High School Special Service Center, Misty Shelton, itinerant paraprofessional at Ider High School Special Service Center and Amy Banks, itinerant special education paraprofessional at Geraldine High School.

The next DeKalb County Board of Education meeting will be held on July 30 at 5 p.m.

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