Board approves one-time pay raise

The DeKalb County Board of Education Thursday night approved a COVID Supplement Resolution granting a temporary one-time pay increase for all full-time eligible employees for $1,000.

Chairman Randy Peppers said through conversation with DeKalb County Superintendent Jason Barnett and members of the board, he recommended the board approve a temporary one-time supplemental pay increase for all full-time classified and certified employees for $1,000 for additional time, effort and service that was necessary this school year and will be necessary for the remainder of the Spring 2021-21 semester to successfully meet the challenges that have been presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I along with Dr. Barnett and the entire board of education are grateful for the work our employees have provided for our students, families and communities during this time,” he said. “We hope you take this as a token of our gratitude for all you’ve done.”

Barnett took the opportunity to thank and commend all the staff of the DeKalb County School system for their efforts throughout the challenging school year.

“If you search, I don’t believe there is hardly anybody who’s operated schools as effectively as we have here in DeKalb County,” he said. “There've been times we had to make adjustments and go remote here and there but everything we did was for the purpose of keeping schools open and keeping students in school and given them all the opportunities that we possibly could.”

Vice-Chairman Robert Elliott said it was refreshing to see that while observing the work of other counties struggle and students who did not attend school as opposed to DeKalb were teachers and students were in the classrooms.

“We know our kids are getting educated and I feel like we are getting the upper hand on some of these other systems who haven’t done that because we had a superintendent and a group of men and women who were willing to work and do what it took to get our kids educated,” he said. “Everyone of us is very proud of what’s been done in DeKalb County.”

Board members Monty Darwin, Carol Hiett and Chris Andrews took the floor echoing thoughts of appreciation and commending all the employees for their hard work.

“I served 35 years in the school system and I never saw a more challenging year than we had this school year,” said Hiett. “I appreciate the extra effort all the employees put forth to make us be successful and end up with a decent school year.”

Following Barnett and board members comments and sentiments, the board unanimously approved the COVID Supplement Resolution in accordance with Alabama AG88-00264.

– Editor’s note: Look for more information on other topics discussed and approved during Thursday night’s DeKalb County Board of Education Meeting in an upcoming edition of The Times-Journal.

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