Fireman saves resident in fire

Rainsville City Council honors local fireman, Capt. Summerford.

A local fireman was honored by the Rainsville City Council at their meeting on Monday.

Captain Derrick Summerford, of Rainsville Fire and Rescue, was recognized this week for his actions in a recent incident at an apartment complex in Rainsville.

On January 25, Rainsville Fire and Rescue responded to a call of a burning structure at the Raintree Apartments on Harrison Street. There, Summerford pulled a resident out of a window to safety.

“I’m going to have to brag on you, Captain Summerford, and what you did over there in Raintree Apartments,” Councilman Derek Rosson said. “It’s just unbelievable.”

Rosson said Summerford “sacrificed himself” out of the window for the resident.

“He’s prior military, and I know how he thinks, and I know you don’t want to be bragged on, but I can’t help it,” Rosson said. “I appreciate what you do for the city of Rainsville and I appreciate [Fire Chief Willimac Wright,] too. We’ve got a bunch of good guys at our fire department. I don’t know if you all realize it, but they work hard.”

Rosson said Summerford’s service to his community is an example others should follow in their lives.

“If everybody thought like that and sacrificed themselves for someone else, the world would be a lot better place,” Rosson said.

The council also:

• approved to purchase desks for city hall at $2,506 from Thomas and Son Furniture.

• passed Resolution 2-04-2019 that places 1986 model dump truck as surplus for the street department.

• approved to develop a new full-time position at the Rainsville Sanitation Department, accepting applications until Feb. 13, 2019.

• approved the purchase of 100 garbage cans at $6,437.41.

• approved to allocate $500 for a sponsorship at the second Shrine Rodeo that will be March 1 and 2 at the Northeast Alabama Agri-Business Center.

• approved to place underground wiring at the Field of Dreams Sports Complex to allow for direct power to vendor hookup for $9,872.60.

• empowered Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt to sign the tower agreement and generator use agreement with Farmer’s Telecommunications Cooperative for the emergency personnel’s new communications system.

• posted the assistant fire chief position until Feb. 21, 2019.

• approved to transfer Matt Crum from the police department to the position of revenue officer.

• moved the next city council meeting to Feb. 21 due to Presidents’ Day. This meeting will be a two-year progress report of the city of Rainsville led by Rosson. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

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