WWII Navy veteran, Porter W. Colvard, known as Tim, recently attended the 75th reunion of the USS Randolph.

Colvard served on the USS Randolph for two years during WWII. He said his job was the placement of aircrafts into designated areas on the flight deck once they landed on the hangar.

Colvard currently lives around the Dogtown area and was gone to the reunion for a week.

“My son-in-law drove me down, I still drive, but I wouldn’t want to drive that far,” he said.

According to Colvard his trip was “good” and there were a lot of different activities involved.

“We went to the USS Alabama, rode the [Mobile Bay] Ferry to Dauphin Island,” Colvard said.

He said he visited the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola and on Friday of that week, he visited the National WWII Museum in New Orleans.

“There is a lot of WWII history down there, and I really enjoyed it,” Colvard said.

This year, the annual reunion was held in Mobile on Sept. 15 through the 22.

While at the reunion, he was able to meet up with two of his former shipmates.

He said the carrier held thousands of people and it was impossible to know every individual aboard.

“It was self-maintained. In other words, it had everything you needed including a barbershop,” said Colvard.

According to the navy.mil website, the USS Randolph (CV 15) earned three battle stars for WWII service and was one of the Essex-class aircraft carriers of WWII. This naval ship complemented a total of 3,448 crew and was 888 feet long.

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