Crazies Trifecta coming March 13-15 in three cities

Over three days in three different towns, competitive runners will challenge themselves to complete 39.3 miles in three half-marathons.

The “Crazies Trifecta” gets its name from the group of runners associated with organizer Jerry Clifton calling themselves Jerry’s Crazies. These dedicated runners travel across the country to participate in events that are particularly grueling to complete, hence “crazy.”

Clifton’s event will happen in Mentone on March 13, Fort Payne on March 14 and Rainsville on March 15. The routes for that weekend’s runs will not be released until closer to the event date.

The first 100 people to register at and pay the $100 registration fee will receive a long-sleeved Crazies shirt and automatically become registered for the June 20, 2020 Rainsville Freedom Run.

The Crazies Trifecta will add money to the proceeds generated by the Freedom Run, which benefits several different charities. Clifton said he expects it to add another $10,000 to the pot.

“The Freedom Run attracts more than 900 runners from five countries and 15 different states, trying to win door prizes,” Clifton said. “The Crazies Trifecta has no prize money, no door prize and no timing.”

In other words, you’ve got to be in it mostly for the challenge.

However, if a participating runner completes all three portions of the trifecta, he or she will qualify for a custom Crazies medal for the display case.

Having fun and helping raise money for good causes? That’s not so crazy after all.

To register, visit

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