Jones announces run for Fort Payne council

Pictured, above, is Kerry Jones.

Hello, my name is Kerry Jones and I’m seeking your vote for Fort Payne City Council. I’m a single father of four children with my 6-year-old daughter still at home. I’m a member of the Class of ‘85 at FPHS, a graduate of NACC criminal justice program where I transferred to AUM. I’m also an Eagle Scout with all three palms and a lifetime member of NESA. I spent the majority of my adult Scouting experience working with young boys serving in many different positions, but my favorite was working with boys with disabilities and abused boys. I was a member of several different fraternities with LAE being one of them. I volunteered for several activities during my tenure with LAE.

I’m looking to make our council a more economically diverse council, so that all citizens of Fort Payne are represented. I’m disabled due to a fall that occurred on August 5, 2002. I was a single father of two young children at that time, but I was determined not to let that set me back. I was told the possibility of me walking again was slim. I am walking due to many surgeries and my strong will to persevere and if elected I will apply that same strong will to make sure each citizen of Fort Payne has a voice on the council! I see so much that needs to be addressed to not only help the handicap, but everyone of Fort Payne.

We’ve heard for so many years about the middle class and the top 1%, but it’s my goal for the lower class, people on SSI, on SSD, on retirement and all fixed incomes to have a voice. I decided to run for office because my voice wasn’t heard. I tried calling city hall to no avail and even went to city hall but no one was available and that’s unacceptable. When the council raised our sales tax, I read and heard “your dissatisfaction!” I will endeavor to make sure that this never happens again. I will do my absolute best to make sure “you” are heard. I want Fort Payne to grow and prosper with the support of small businesses and helping them succeed. I will also work to bring in more jobs. I do support the Main Street program, but it’s flawed and I will try to bring my ideas to the table in order for it to work.

I can be reached via email, or my Facebook page @Kerry Jones for Fort Payne City Council 2020 you’ll be able to read more about me and my plans for our city. If elected, these will remain open so that the citizens of Fort Payne can stay in contact with at least one council member at all times. I look forward to hearing from you and addressing any issues or concerns you may have. Thank you for your support and vote on August 25, 2020.

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