Girl Scout cookie season has officially begun, but the Ruhama Girl Scout Troop is struggling with cookie sales. Changing regulations due to COVID-19 has caused local troops to lose some of the locations they're typically allowed to have their booth sales. Many of the girls are faced with the challenge of finding new ways to reach cookie sale goals.

The Girl Scout Mission is to build each girl of “courage, confidence and character, to make the world a better place.” Ruhama Troop Leader Lisa Mann said, "We are a fairly small group out of Dogtown, and we have about 18 girls from ages five to 18."

Many Girl Scouts are heading to an online platform that launched in 2014. "A lot of people are wanting to pay with a credit card instead of having to deal with money, but our troop isn't doing the card services because they charge a fee," said Mann. "Because we are a small troop, it cuts into the girl's profits, so we declined."

Customers interested in using a card or placing an online order can go to This site will open the digital page, and the customer can order and pay. Customers will also be given the option to save on shipping by choosing “girl delivery.”

The Ruhama Troop is also accepting new members; members must be at least five years old. "We do some really enjoyable activities like going camping," said Mann. "The girls are always learning new things, and with the cookie sales, they're learning entrepreneurship, money skills and communication skills."

The Ruhama Troop is accepting donations. "Our troop uses the donations to give back; we deliver the donated cookies to the local fire and police stations and ship some to military troops serving overseas." The proceeds from every purchase stay local with the troop.

To make donations to the Ruhama Girl Scout Troop, contact Lisa Mann at or drop them off at Ruhama Baptist Church 3310 County Road 81 Fort Payne.

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