Council holds rezoning hearings

John McCallie of Scottsboro addresses the council Monday.

The Rainsville City Council on Monday held public hearings to discuss the rezoning of Ranch Road, Peaceful Acres subdivision and Britany Owens subdivision.

Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt said notices were sent out to adjoining land residents and opened the floor for discussion.

Housing partners John McCallie and Carlton W. Edwards of Scottsboro attended the hearing with an interest in the rezoning of Ranch Road from M-1 Industrial to R-3 Residential.

“We have a contract to purchase this property and have requested the rezoning,” said McCallie. “Our purchase of the properties contingent with the Alabama Boys and Girls Sheriff Ranches.

He said they plan on building a “little bit more upper scale homes” on larger size lots.

The council approved the rezoning of Ranch Road from M-1 Industrial to R-3 Residential and the rezoning of Peaceful Acres subdivision and Brittany Owens subdivision from Agricultural to R-1 Residential during the regular council meeting.

The council also heard updates from the following departments:

Rainsville Police Chief Michael Edmondson announced the ongoing amnesty effort to clean up existing warrants has come to an end. Shifting gears, he said they will begin the process of serving warrants.

Rainsville Fire Chief Willimac Wright reminded the public the Alabama Department of Environmental Management’s annual burn ban began May 1, 2021, through Oct. 31, 2021, as part of ADEM efforts to protect air quality in various areas of the state.

Councilman Bejan Taheri provided the council with the following Rainsville Fire Department’s April Report: 46 incidents, 35 were Emergency Management Agency and 11 of them were fires. He also reminded the public Thursday, May 6 is the National Day of Prayer.

Rainsville Library Director Sarah Cruze announced American Red Cross will be hosting a blood drive on Monday, May 17 at the Rainsville Library from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Participants may schedule an appointment online or by contacting the library. Cruze encourages everyone to come out and donate.

Kayron Guffey announced next week is National Police Week and the First Responders Board is hosting a ceremony to honor and remember Deputy Jeff Bain and Deputy Mickey Bowen whose names have been added to the memorial. The event will take place at 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 13 at the Rainsville City Park First Responders Memorial. She invites everyone to come out.

The council also:

• approved Ordinance 05-03-2021(A) pertaining to the rezoning of Ranch Road from M-1 Industrial to R-3 Residential.

• approved Ordinance 05-03-2021 (B) pertaining to the rezoning of Peaceful Acres Subdivision from Agriculture to R-1 Residential.

• approved Ordinance 05-03-2021(C) pertaining to the rezoning of the Brittany Owens Subdivision from Agriculture to R-1 Residential.

• approved to hire Joey Walden as a part-time firefighter for the Rainsville Fire Department at the pay rate of $12.59 an hour.

• approved to adopt Resolution 05-03-2021(A) for the surplus of an Armored Vehicle from the Rainsville Police Department. Councilman Bejan Taheri voted against the action.

• approved to adopt Resolution 05-03-2021 (B) pertaining to the annual Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday.

• approved to appoint Kelly Lawrence to the Zoning Board.

• approved a $500 sponsorship to the Alabama Fighting Championship, set to come to Rainsville on June 5, 2021.

• approved to allow Rainsville Police Chief Michael Edmondson apply for a grant allowing the purchase of new vests for the Rainsville Police Department.

The next council meeting is scheduled for May 17, 2021, with a workshop at 4 p.m. and a regular session at 4:30 p.m.

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