Fort Payne approves election results | Chesser presents annual Mayor’s Day of Recognition award

Charles Stephens, right, was chosen by Mayor Larry Chesser, left, for the annual award that recognizes an individual in the community who has made an impact on its residents.

The Fort Payne City Council on Tuesday verified and accepted the Aug. 25 Municipal Election results.

City Clerk Andy Parker said this process is required by law after every election, whether it is a general or runoff election, the council or governing body has to come together and ratify the results.

Parker presented printouts from each voting machine that the council read aloud and compared to the numbers that were compiled on election night. Each of the boxes from the VFW, Wills Valley Recreation Center and the absentee ballots were analyzed and approved by the council.

Mayor’s Day of Recognition

Mayor Larry Chesser presented the annual Mayor’s Day of Recognition award Tuesday.

“Each year, there’s a day set aside nationally for the Mayor’s Day of Recognition to recognize someone in the community that has been a great asset to that community,” Chesser said.

This year, Chesser chose to present the award to Charles Stephens, who serves in the V.F.W. Post 3128, as the DeKalb County Fair Chairman and coordinator of Patriots Memorial Park in Fort Payne.

The proclamation states that Stephens was chosen for his support for veterans through various projects and fundraisers for the V.F.W. and Patriots Memorial Park and the impact he’s made leading the county’s annual fair. Mayor-elect Brian Baine said Stephens is always receptive to help organizations that need support in the community when asked.

Chesser said the award is normally presented in April but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two previous recipients were present in Tuesday’s meeting, Chesser noted, acknowledging Walter Watson and Ronnie Warren in the room.

The council also:

• approved the minutes from the previous meeting.

• approved to install a speed table on Brian Drive.

• discussed and approved the allow Plasman Corporation, LLC. to temporarily extend its parking lot 12 feet onto city property.

• heard from Fort Payne Improvement Authority General Manager Mike Shirey on the Tennessee Valley Authority’s most recent COVID-19 relief information. Shirey said TVA is extending its relief to 154 power companies by offering a 2.5% credit for the next 12 months.

The board will discuss and decide how FPIA will utilize the credit, some options being a customer rate decrease, toward the new substation or other necessary projects.

• approved Resolution 2020-38, authorizing the application of an Airport Improvement Grant for the 2021 fiscal year.

• approved Resolution 2020-39, authorizing a funding agreement with ALDOT for the Gault Avenue and Fifth Street North Project.

• moved into executive session to discuss potential litigation.

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