RTI reveals renewable energy initiative

Pictured on the front row are Tyler Cooper and Darren Young of Sand Mountain Electric Cooperative, RTI President Yoshi Sato, RTI Vice President Shane Gilliland and Robby Jones representing TVA. Back row: RTI Manager Andrea Gregory, RTI Senior Manager Danny Oliver and SMEC Director Mark Malone. 

Rainsville Technology Inc announced on Tuesday their plan to move to 100% clean, renewable energy.

Sand Mountain Electric Cooperative and RTI signed a Green Flex agreement to help meet their sustainable energy goals.

“Our Corporate 2030 Vision is to have all North American Moriroku Technology Manufacturing Plants operating with 100% clean Renewable Energy,” said RTI President Yoshi Sato. “RTI has partnered with TVA and SMEC to be the first Moriroku Technology Plant in North America to achieve this goal.”

The Green Flex agreement is part of a partnership program with the Tennessee Valley Authority that allows businesses to buy renewable energy certificates from wind power to offset their carbon output.

RTI Vice President Shane Gilliland said SMEC and TVA have been great partners through the process.

“We started investigating investment opportunities four months ago and we were able to work with our local SMEC Key Accounts Representative Darren Young and TVA Customer Service Manager Robby Jones to be able to make this happen quicker than expected with TVA’s Green Flex program,” he said.

TVA Vice President, Origination and Renewables Chris Hansen said the Green Flex and other TVA Green programs ensure local power company partners in the region can provide renewable solutions to companies like RTI that choose to make the valley better with renewable energy solutions.

“We are proud to partner with SMEC to help meet the new renewable energy goals set by RTI through our Green Flex program,” he said.

Gilliland commended RTI’s Project Team consisting of Senior Manager Production Danny Oliver, Engineers Michael Sparks, Kyle Horton and Shannon Phillips for an outstanding job of investigating and presenting several opportunities to meet their corporate goal well ahead of schedule.

“We will continue to look for opportunities to invest in Renewable Energy Technology in the future so that our impact on the environment is reduced, along with reducing our overall energy consumption,” said. Sato. “We are very proud of RTI and our team. We feel we have some of the best and most dedicated associates in our area.”

Sato said RTI is looking forward to making their community and company a better place to live and work and reducing their overall carbon footprint, making their future very bright for current and future associates.

Part of the Rainsville community for the last 20 years, RTI is a Tier 1 Automotive supplier for interior and exterior plastic components with a 350,000 square foot climate-controlled facility employing more than 500 associates.

For additional information or career opportunities visit Moriroku Technology North America, Rainsville Technology Inc at www.mtnaoh.com.

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