In regard to the recent news about opioid abuse and trying to pass legislation to combat it, we tend to forget about the victims.

First of all, no one becomes an addict for fun. Addicts are hurting in one way or another. Physical, spiritual or emotional pain is what causes addiction. We are trying to treat the symptoms and not the cause.

There will always be opioid abuse as long as there is pain. People are hurting and they just want it to stop. They’ll do anything and everything to make the pain go away.

Instead of trying to legislate morality, which has never worked, shouldn’t we try to help those who are hurting?

Most addicts are just in need of help. Drug dealers are a different story. They don’t care who they hurt. Dealers are the ones we should concentrate on. Let doctors do their job and take care of their patients and leave them alone.

Go after the dealers and get help for people who are hurting. Then we might actually make progress. Those who think they are better than the addicts are actually much worse.

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