Council talks road upgrades, renovations to police department

Rainsville City Council heard from Rainsville Police Chief Michael Edmondson during Monday night's work session. 

The Rainsville City Council on Monday approved various city streets and road updates and renovations.

Rainsville Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt presented three road projects for the council's consideration.

“Some of these [street issues] have been going on for a long time, but we were waiting till we got into the new budget before we started,” he said. “I didn’t want to run the [previous] budget over so much and it did go over some because of all the flood damage.

Lingerfelt spoke of the constant washing away problems along George Wallace Drive to which he suggested extending the 8-foot pipe and moving the ditch closer to the road.

“Extending the 30 in pipe with a sloped headwall and moving the ditch over against the road should get that out where we can build that wall back to support that,” he said.

The council approved the pipe's extension, placing a headwall and preparing the spot for dirt at $2,400 from Boozer Construction.

On Rainbow Avenue, Lingerfelt said there are issues with a grate that is coming apart and it sits close to a driveway.

“We have to rebuild that whole thing and put in a new steel grate over the top of it,” he said.

The council approved the renovations that include the placement of a steel grate for $2,900.

The council approved the renovation on Grimes Street at the cost of $1,400, including concrete headwalls and a grate.

“We tried placing a sloped headwall, but it didn’t work because of all the water running in, so we decided to go back and put a grate in,” said Lingerfelt.

The grate is set to help drivers and leave the road in better shape.

The council also approved remodeling at the Rainsville Police Station during Monday night’s meeting.

Councilman Arlan Blevins said the carpet at the station needs to be replaced and done in parts.

Members of the council discussed and commented on upgrades done in recent years only included painting the walls.

The council approved the replacement of the carpet to vinyl in stages, at the cost of $11,502.77 and the purchase of three chairs at $692.72 with funds coming from the department's savings account.

Blevins also discussed the purchase of two new Chevrolet Tahoes for the Rainsville Police Department, which would be financed.

The council approved the purchase of a 2-wheel drive Chevrolet Tahoe without the light kit at $34,934.76 and a 4-wheel drive Chevrolet Tahoe to aid during inclement weather at $37,654.71.

The council authorized Lingerfelt to do the financing for both vehicles at First Southern State Bank.

The council also heard updates from the following departments and councilmen:

Rainsville Police Chief Michael Edmondson said he’s been working with the Rainsville Court Magistrate to get a list of all the warrants the city is holding. He said currently it’s 1,844 warrants.

Edmondson said that after Christmas, they would be working on contacting those people, setting up a docket and checking on any individuals who may be on the list but are diseased.

Rainsville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Sandy Goff announced the Rainsville Christmas Parade is scheduled for Dec. 5 at 11 a.m. and the Sounds and Scenes of Christmas Contest presented by Mountain Valley News and Rainsville Chamber of Commerce in the Rainsville City Park. For additional information, visit the Rainsville Chamber of Commerce page on Facebook.

The council also:

• accepted the Paving Project CR-RES-2020-01 by Reed Construction for $213,208.72.

• approved to replace culverts on Wade Street, Willingham Street, Everett Road East and Everett Road West at $23,000.00 from Boozer Construction.

• approved to reimburse Tammy Mason $415.00 for online class training.

• approved Resolution 11-16-2020 to surplus a desk and refrigerator from the Rainsville Police Department.

• approved Kennedi Traylor and Sandy Little to participate in a Virtual Revenue Class on Dec. 10 and 11.

• approved to send City Clerk Kelly Frazier to the City Clerk Conference in Huntsville from Dec. 2 through Dec. 4.

• approved the annual one-time pay raise for Rainsville City Employees ($500 for full-time employees and $250 for part-time employees).

Councilman Derek Rosson said the one-time raise is something they do for the city employees around this time each year and is a set fee.

• approved the placement of a street light on Ranch Road on Hwy 75 North.

• authorized Rainsville Fire Chief Willimac Wright to apply for the AFG grant.

• approved the annual ladder testing for the Rainsville Fire Department at $1,327.00.

• approved to rent a bucket truck from Durell Owens at $200 a day to help put up the city Christmas Lights.

An executive session was held to discuss ongoing litigation. The council approved Ordinance 11-16-2020 about the acceptance of applications for large signs.

Lingerfelt said this ordinance is an emergency ordinance regarding the acceptance of applications for large signs. Large signs being bigger than 32 sq feet.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Dec. 7, 2020, with a workshop at 4 p.m. and a regular session at 4:30 p.m.

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