Alabama Farm Credit donates life-saving rescue equipment to local fire department

Cartersville Fire and Rescue received a grain rescue tube this month from Alabama Farm Credit. The device can help in life-threatening situations when victims become trapped in grain bins.

Earlier this month, Alabama Farm Credit donated a grain rescue tube to the Cartersville Fire Department in DeKalb County.

Farmers and their helpers move in and out of grain bins preparing to get their crops dried and stored. Getting stuck in a bin of flowing grain can be a death sentence. When a grain bin accident happens, the local fire department needs to be prepared.

When Alabama Farm Credit learned Cartersville lacked the life-saving device, it sprang into action.

“We were able to purchase one for this department and the community,” said Mel Koller, the rural lending co-op’s president and chief executive officer. “We want to do our part to ensure the safety of farmers taking on food production.”

The tube saves lives by rescuing victims from grain entrapments. Firefighters use the device to prevent additional grain from crushing the person. Then rescue workers scoop out the grain in the tube, allowing the victim more room and air for breathing.

“This is the only such device in DeKalb County,” said Kyle Pike, the Cartersville Fire Department chief. “Last year, a grain rescue tube saved a gentleman’s life in nearby Hollywood.”

Alabama Farm Credit finances farms, forestry operations, agribusinesses, country homes, recreational land and other rural property in 27 North Alabama counties. It’s headquartered in Cullman and has branch offices in Albertville, Athens, Cullman, Talladega and Tuscumbia.

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