Heatwave ended, chance of showers

A significant heat wave that moved into Central Alabama last weekend ended Wednesday with a cold front. Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Huntsville Andy Kula said it will still be hot, but no heat advisories are out for DeKalb County or the surrounding area.

“It is still going to be seasonably hot,” he said. “Earlier this week, the high at the Fort Payne Airport was 94 on Monday, and Tuesday the high was 97.”

Kula said with the combination of the heat and the humidity, the heat indexes were near 105 those two days. He said the weekend will see a break in the heat as temperatures are only expected to be in the low to mid-90s.

“Over the weekend, highs will creep up into the mid-90s,” he said. “It looks like it will be around 94 degrees in Fort Payne on Saturday and 92 on Sunday. Of curse, the higher elevations are always a little cooler, so just keep that in mind. Sand Mountain and Lookout Mountain are going to be a good 5 or so degrees cooler than in the valley.

He said over the weekend, the heat index values will go up again, but won’t be as high as they have been.

“On Saturday, we’re looking at the mid-90s in the valley and maybe the upper 90s on Sunday for the heat index,” he said. “Again, Sand Mountain and Lookout Mountain will probably be more like in the lower 90s.”

Kula said the next chances of rain for the area will be a 40 to 50 percent chance Sunday afternoon.

“We may have some more storms around next week and into next weekend, and that will help cool things down,” he said. “These storms won’t be anything out of the ordinary, they will be just some general afternoon storms.”

He said although the mornings and late afternoons have been cool, summertime weather is still dominating the weather pattern until late September.

“We are seeing a change in the sun angle and the days are getting shorter as we go through August and into September, but by Sep. 21 or 22 the day will be equal with night,” he said. “For now, though, we are still in a summertime pattern.

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