Trunk or treat rain or shine

The city of Rainsville will hold its annual community Trunk or Treat on Oct. 31 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The event has been held at the city park in the past, but will be at the new Farmers Market Pavilion located at the Field of Dreams Sports Complex this year, Councilman Brandon Freeman said.

“We’re going to have it at the farmers’ market [pavilion] that way rain, snow, sleet or hail, it’s underneath it, so we won’t have to worry,” Freeman said. “It’s covered, there’s bathrooms, lights and whatever you need.”

The chamber of commerce and the city are emphasizing the venue change to remind residents to attend the new location.“We want to make sure everyone knows that it will not be in the city park but at the farmers’ market,” Sandy Goff, executive director of the Rainsville Chamber of Commerce, said. “We did Freedom Fest up there last year and it turned out great, so hopefully, this will also.”

She said attendance was so high last year that vendors ran out of candy and had to leave to buy more during the event.

“We had a ton of people come last year,” Goff said. “I would say probably 700 or 800 if not more.”

Freeman said, so far, there are several vendors that have confirmed, but the pavilion holds more.

“I fully expect to have 10 to 12 trunks, and I’ve still got people calling me daily. I know for a fact that we’ve got the city, the police and the fire department, Plainview boys basketball team and the cheerleaders.”

Farmers Telecommunications Co-op and the chamber of commerce will also be set up for the event.

To register to set up at the Trunk or Treat or for more information, call Rainsville City Hall at 256-638-6331.

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