Alabama author Kym Klass visited the DeKalb County Public Library last Tuesday to visit with readers and sign her new book, “One More Day: A powerful story of suicide, loss and a woman’s newfound faith.”

The former journalist, who turned her attention to writing this personal memoir, documented her struggle with depression after her sister’s death by suicide in 2015. Klass said the title “One More Day” is set to remind people experiencing grief or mental illness that there is always the hope of another day to live.

On Tuesday, local residents attended the signing and had discussions with the author about their experiences with the loss of a loved one to suicide.

“I was very happy with the discussion that took place surrounding mental health, depression and suicide,” Klass said. “I was very encouraged with the conversation and the in-depth sharing that took place with the women that came.”

Representatives from The SAM Foundation, a local non-profit organization geared at equipping citizens with ways to prevent suicide or get help for someone with mental illness or depression, attended the signing and got copies of the book to help with their training and conversations with the community. Klass said this was an important step for our area.

Library Director Cynthia Hancock said the conversations on Tuesday are vital to our community.

“I appreciate the patrons that attended,” Hancock said. “I know the subjects of mental illness and suicide are not popular, but I feel both need to be discussed. I appreciate Kym sharing her experience in the book and personally with us.”

Klass said she sees many people at her book signings that have experienced a similar situation to her own.

“Every time I go to a bookstore, I always wonder who’s going to stop at the table and talk to someone who has the word suicide in their book title,” she said. “Sometimes they just look at the cover and walk away, but sometimes they stop because they feel the need to stop. Before I go into any book signing, I say a little prayer, and I just pray that the right people are drawn to my table. What I’ve found, is that the people that come to table at the book signings are people who have lost someone to suicide or are facing depression. In that aspect, it’s going really well, and I think we’re reaching the right people.”

Klass’ visit to the library comes as a series of stops she is currently making through the state of Alabama, including Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and now Fort Payne.

“I do want to thank the [DeKalb County Public] library for hosting this event,” Klass said. “They were very kind to open up their space to us.”

To learn more about Klass’ book, blog or tour and to follow her on social media, visit her website,

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Kym was kind enough to leave several autographed copies of her book "One More Day'' at the DeKalb County library. The price is $19.95. Please stop by and pick one up!

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