First year Fort Payne golf coach Mark Scott has inherited a young but talented team. Scott is the team’s third coach in the last three years.

The team consists of six sophomores, 3 juniors and one 7th grader.

“Not only is this team talented but they are also extremely dedicated,” explained Scott. “They arrive to practice early and stay late. It’s easy to see that most of them spent a lot of time on the course this past summer. The weather has not cooperated with us but it is easy to see we have a chance to be very good”.

The team will feature returning starters Jack Barker, Harrison Davis, Dylan Evans and Dawson Garrett.

“These guys played in several summer tournaments,” continued Scott. Dawson (Garrett) and Harrison (Davis) both won regional tournaments against players from all over the country.”

Davis won at Callaway Gardens and Garrett won at Hampton Cove. Both finished in the top 10 in every tournament that they participated and both are sophomores.

Sophomore Dylan Evans and junior Jack Barker have shown great improvement. Both have played high school golf for at least three years.

“All four of these players have been right at or below par in all of our practices,” said Scott.

The team will have to find a fifth player from sophomores Brady Moses, Gavin Johnson, Liam Hulsey, and juniors Devin Gilliam and Sebastian Burt. Also in the mix is 7th grader Blake Woods.

Moses, Johnson, Hulsey, Gilliam and Woods are all newcomers to the team and Burt played last year.

“All of these guys have been working hard and all are improving,” said Scott.

One issue that could arise for this year’s team is the possibility of one of their best players having surgery.

“Dawson (Garrett) has been having problems with his ankle which he injured while on the Wildcat basketball team,” explained Scott. “He may need surgery which would really hurt our team. He is scheduled to see a specialist next week.”

Fort Payne will find out in a hurry about how good they will be in two early prestigious tournaments.

The Wildcats will be in Montgomery Feb. 26-27 for the Blue Gray Tournament and in Auburn March 2-3 for the Joe King Invitational.

They will be at home March 6th for a match with the Albertville Aggies.

The 2018 Fort Payne Lady Wildcats will not only be young but they will also be inexperienced.

They will feature a 7th grader, two eighth graders and a sophomore.

Twins Meg and Lilly Martin played as seventh graders last year but seventh grader TalullaBelle Scott and sophomore Kaelan Shankles are playing for the first time.

“Meg and Lilly have really improved from last year but Kaylean and Taula Bell have never played in a high school match,” continued Scott. “They are all showing improvement in practice.”

The girl’s first match will be against Albertville at home on March 6th.

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