Painting faces and staining hearts with love

Sylvania native Audrey Avirett’s business “Aud Makeup Artistry” has been nominated for the 2018 ROC Award for Makeup Artist of the Year in Rochester, New York.

Avirett has resided in New York five years, but she said she has been doing makeup since she was 13 years old. Her talent of applying makeup has become a way for her to “inspire others and to be inspired by others” as she states on her website,

“I’ve been doing makeup [in upstate New York] without makeup artistry since 2013,” Avirett said.

She explained that she is somewhat new to the artistry style of makeup and this is her first year being nominated for the award.

“Creative artistry would be considered Avant-garde,” Avirett said. She described Avant-garde as “‘over the top’ for print—magazines, catalogs, etc.”

She said after a conversation with her husband in 2016, he encouraged her to dive in and do more of what she loved.

With her husband and two sons, age 8 and 2, supporting her, Avirett started Aud Makeup Artistry in 2016.

“I started realizing the creative properties of it,” she said.

She went on to say she enjoys using makeup as an art form to send a visual message of some kind. She referred to her Instagram page, audmakeupartistry, where she adds inspirational messages with each post.

“These quotes I like to think inspire people,” Avirett said. “I’m a stay at home mom, which is basically my full-time job.

“I live for my family.”

Avirett’s love for applying makeup is because she likes to help people “feel beautiful.”

Avirett said she has a different style than most makeup artists.

“I give them little lectures —for me it’s not just makeup,” she said. “I use to be a motivational speaker when I lived in Alabama. I was a worship leader and I feel like people should understand you shouldn’t use makeup to change who you are, you should use makeup to enhance your features and to have fun with it, and if you are wearing makeup because you think you need it, then you are using it for the wrong reason.”

Avirett said a panel of judges consider the effort each of the artists put into their work.

“Judges [for the ROC Awards] decide the nominees based on who actually puts in work and who deserves to be nominated and from that point on it’s based on votes,” Avirett said.

She said this is the sixth year for the awards, so it is fairly new.

According to the ROC Awards website, the purpose of the award show is to recognize businesses and talent within the Rochester, New York area.

Avirett said “the nomination is actually a really big deal and is a red carpet event” and that hometown votes are an important factor.

“[Votes] would mean to me that I am respected by people, and to have them acknowledge my work would mean so much.”

Avirett said the makeup work she has done in New York has broadened her horizons.

“I’ve been doing bridal, fashion, runway and I’ve been working with a lot of magazines and different agencies, and then I started doing commercial work with different agencies in the area,” Avirett said.

She said one of her favorite things about applying makeup is that she gets to witness her clients’ reaction to their mirror image at the end of the process.

“I love the reveal and seeing the reaction people have, whether it be a bride or a runway model,” she said.

Some of the agencies Aud Makeup Artistry has worked for are WMA Rochester, AMS, NXT collective and Rochester Association of Performing Arts. Her work can be viewed on her Facebook page, “Aud Makeup Artistry,” or on her business website.

Avirett said she was in Alabama during the month of October to work at a wedding, and she held a modeling workshop to teach some of the things she has learned while working with different designers, models and photographers. The attendees worked with four different photographers and everyone was published in Southern Style Magazine.

She said the workshops are something she enjoys doing and would like to do more in the future.

“Why not share and help the world because I can?” Avirett said.

Avirett said “learning from other people’s experiences” is the best advice she could give to anyone trying to better themselves or their business.

Traveling is something Avirett does often, shortly after her trip to Alabama she traveled to Colorado to shoot for Gothesque Magazine.

“Eventually, I would like to bring more from the ‘Fashion World’ to Northeast Alabama,” Avirett said. “I can see there is an obvious passion for it, but no one knows how to get it started… I do.”

Avirett said she wants to touch the world through makeup and she quoted her main goal that she has posted on her website, “Spread peace and optimism while painting faces and staining hearts with love.”

Avirett asks that any boutique owners, photographers, models or anyone with a passion for related art, contact her with any questions or ideas.

“I would love to help bring this world to life in one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. Alabama isn’t called ‘Alabama the Beautiful’ for no reason,” Avirett said.

Voting for the 2018 ROC Awards ends Feb. 15 and Avirett encourages the community to look through her work on Instagram, Facebook and her website and vote for Aud Makeup Artistry at

The ROC Award show will be held Feb. 18 at the Hochstein Performance Hall in Rocester, New York.

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