Crossville Elementary teacher looking for help from fellow educators

Teresa Word is seeking donations of personal days to stay with critically ill


A first grade teacher at Crossville Elementary is calling on any teachers who have personal days they can donate as she stands by her husband’s side as he battles for his life at Vanderbilt.

Teresa Word said her husband Tony is in a Critical Care unit now at Vanderbilt in Nashville, suffering from a bad GI bleed and kidney issues. He requires a paracentesis weekly with albumin infusions.

Doctors must replace an aortic valve in his heart before he can get a liver transplant. He is also suffering from acute kidney failure. The University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital felt he was too weak to do the necessary surgeries, but their primary doctor referred them to Vanderbilt for a second opinion, where he was rushed by Medflight on January 8th and has been since.

His health problems have complicated since he was first hospitalized on June 10 of last year. A diagnosis of kidney stones when he actually had Strep B led to him becoming septic and suffering damage to his heart, liver and kidneys.

Teresa Word said she has used up all of her sick time and would greatly appreciate being contacted by any teachers in the state of Alabama who have personal days they are willing to donate or retiring teachers who have days they won’t use.

They can contact Janet Williams in the payroll department at the DeKalb County Board of Education office by calling (256) 638-6921 to donate to the sick bank.

The couple also has a friend hosting a medical fundraiser on Facebook, where they have received more than $5,000 of $7,000 they are seeking there to help pay for medical bills, insurance, travels, and stays.

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