Fort Payne City Park saw the opening of the new swing installment sponsored by Optimist Club and Plasman Corporation LLC Monday.

Optimist Club President Brian Baine said this year the Plasman grant for a community-based project was presented to the Optimist Club.

Plasman Group Vice President of Human Resources Shauna Hatch said the Plasman Group is proud to be a part of the Fort Payne community.

“All team members of Plasman are dedicated to supporting children activities and needs within the areas we live and work,” Hatch said.

Baine said because the Optimist Club is a youth-oriented club, they were able to receive the grant and install the new swing in the city park.

“We are grateful to have been a part of this project with the Optimist Club and are looking forward to seeing the swing in regular use,” Hatch said.

According to Hatch, Plasman Group has over 4,000 team members working at 20 highly automated manufacturing and engineering sites globally.

Fort Payne Parks and Recreation Director Robin Brothers thanked the Parks and Recreation staff for their hard work installing the project.

Baine said the swing placed in the city park is one of three swings that GameTime has in the United States.

“GameTime gave us a discounted rate, so we were able to use that grant from Plasman to purchase the swing,” Baine said.

Baine said the Optimist Club has received the Plasman grant before.

“We used it a couple of years ago to put playground equipment in the Alabama Walking Park in partnership with the Kiwanis Club,” he said.

Baine said the Optimist Club is always looking for projects in the area. He said the club is able to give back to the children in the community through its many projects.

Along with their various community projects, one of the Optimist Club’s most significant events is the Race to Embrace.

Baine said the Optimist Club has a good partnership with Plasman and they are also sponsors of the Race to Embrace event every year.

“Plasman is really community orientated and they love to give back to the community that they are in,” Baine said.

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