Rainsville prepares for future city events


The Rainsville City Council on Monday approved preparations for the annual Freedom Fest in July of 2019 and improvements to the Field of Dreams Sports Complex and the Northeast Alabama Agribusiness Center.

Councilman Ricky Byrum was absent from the meeting, but all other councilmen and the mayor were present.

Councilman Brandon Freeman proposed the parks and recreation improvements and updates and the entertainment deposit for the festival.

“Exile is going to be the headliner this year,” he said. “Half of their down payment is due by Dec. 1, and we won’t meet again before then, so I’m making a motion that we pay that.”

The total cost for the band will be $9,000, and the council approved to pay $4,500 of the total on Monday.

Also in preparation for the summer festival, the council approved to purchase $2,500 of trees to plant at the complex, when the weather is permitting, and for the power cords and vendor hook-ups to be placed underground. This summer, Freeman said because of all of the extension cords and generators used, the breakers tripped easily throughout the event.

“It will be all underground and out of everybody’s way, and it’s budgeted,” Freeman said.

The city allotted $12,000 this year for the power upgrades at the sports complex, but the bid came in at $9,872.60, Freeman said.

The council also approved for the city to continue changing the lighting at the agribusiness center to LED bulbs.

Councilman Derek Rosson asked how much money the city will save after the change of lighting.

“Those will save a lot of money because those lights run 12 hours a day,” Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt said. “Most of the time with LEDs, it will cut it down to a third of what it was using.”

The cost to replace the pack lighting at the center totals $9,871.64. Lingerfelt said the money that is used for this project is a result and refund from changing other lights to LED in the city and will not take away from the council’s general fund.

The council also:

• repealed ordinance 9-21-87.

• approved Cody Dupree for full time as the city’s dog catcher.

• approved sludge disposal for $1,771.99 by LADD Distribution LLC

• approved to upgrade the Field of Dreams sprinkler system for up to $1,500.

The next Rainsville City Council meeting will be Dec. 3.

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