Northeast Alabama Community College first to offer free laptop checkout kiosk for students

Northeast Alabama Community College recently revealed a new 'Tech It Out' kiosk, a laptop vending machine, giving student greater access to technology and more flexibility when on campus. 

Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC) is the first Community College in Alabama to provide free laptop vending machines, giving students greater access to technology and more flexibility when on campus.

A new “Tech It Out” kiosk is now located in the Student Center at Northeast. Retrieving a laptop from the automated kiosk system is quick and easy. A student agrees to NACC’s Terms and Conditions, swipes their student ID, punches in their code when prompted, and out pops one of the 12 Dell laptops. The kiosk system, made by LaptopsAnytime, has two easy-to-access rows of devices which slide in and out of the slots vertically.

“We are very excited to be able to offer this service to our students,” stated NACC President Dr. David Campbell. “Our Educational Technology Director, Mrs. Patricia Falk, keeps us ahead of the curve in educational technology that benefits students. Computers and computer programs, of course, have become indispensable parts of education these days. Mrs. Falk and her staff continuously seek out new, innovative ways to serve students.”

The fully charged devices are available for short-term checkout (not to exceed 48 hours) and can be used anywhere on campus. When done using the computer, the student will return the laptop back to the kiosk. The kiosk, in turn, readies each laptop for the next series of users by recharging and wiping its contents. NACC also offers long-term laptop rental in the library. Students may check out the laptops in the library for an entire semester.

“We are excited to be the first Community College in Alabama to offer this innovative service. We wanted to increase access to technology, and when we became aware that this could be done in an unmanned, 100% self-service manner with full accountability, we reached out to LaptopsAnytime who provided guidance and became a willing partner,” said Patricia Falk, NACC’s Educational Technology Director.

“The overall goal is student success. This one-of-a-kind kiosk helps us provide convenience to students without burdening our staff. And it ensures availability and flexibility for those that need a laptop when they need it.”

Each laptop runs typical programs, like Microsoft Office, and allows internet connection through the college’s Wi-Fi network.

Jonathan Ruttenberg, Co-Founder & VP, LaptopsAnytime, said this Northeast is the first Community College in Alabama to utilize this service, but they are in 40 states and every continent except Antarctica. He said the company’s kiosk system can handle up to 30 devices. Ruttenberg noted, “NACC is a forward-thinking organization that we are looking forward to working with. At the end of the day, while unique and powerful, our kiosks are only as good as the people who are managing them.”

For more information about Northeast Alabama Community College, visit or download the OneACCS app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Follow NACC on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest announcements, current events, and more.

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