Steve Marshall announces campaign for reelection as Alabama’s Attorney General

MONTGOMERY, AL – Before a crowd of supporters gathered in Montgomery Thursday, Steve Marshall announced the kick-off of his campaign to earn a second term as Alabama’s 48th Attorney General. Speaking on the lawn of the Attorney General’s Office, Steve Marshall pledged to finish the job he started to fight violent crime, root out political corruption, and defend Alabama’s sovereignty against the Biden Administration’s overreach.

“On January 12, 2018, I stood across the street on the Capitol steps to acknowledge the mandate that I’d been given by the people of Alabama, as their Attorney General, to defend Alabama’s sovereignty and to protect her people. I have come to work every day since, fighting with everything I have, to deliver on those directives.”

Marshall referenced his Office’s ongoing fights against progressive criminal justice policies that threaten public safety, as well as his aggressive number of high-profile corruption investigations and prosecutions. Several of these cases have trial dates set for this summer.

“As you have witnessed in all parts of this state, my Office is fighting crime and corruption at an unprecedented level, and we have no intention of slowing down.”

Marshall also touted his record of fighting federal overreach from the Biden Administration.

“This year, defending Alabama’s sovereignty has taken on a whole new meaning under an administration that cares little about the individuality of our fifty states. I’ve sued the Biden Administration to fight for energy independence. I’ve sued the Biden Administration to remove burdensome mandates on federal grants. I’ve sued the Biden Administration to ensure that our cattle farmers aren’t forced to pay taxes on the emissions of their livestock. I’ve sued to stop the census bureau from counting illegal aliens for purposes of apportionment, and I’ve sued to stop the national archivist from ratifying the defunct Equal Rights Amendment.”

Marshall concluded, “We are in a fight—for the sovereignty of our state and for the safety of our citizens. It is a fight that I gladly take on each morning when I walk up the stairs of this building and join the men and women hard at work inside. It’s a fight that I’ve been privileged to fight for you—the people of Alabama—for the last four years, and one that I look forward to continuing for four more years as your Attorney General.”

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