G2 Supply LLC expands in Fort Payne

Pictured, right, is Ryan Griffith, president of G2 Supply LLC, addressing the council Tuesday. Pictured, left, is Pam Clay of the DeKalb County Economic Development Authority.

The Fort Payne City Council on Tuesday passed Resolution 2019-29, granting tax abaatements to G2 Supply, LLC for their expansion into Fort Payne.

G2 Supply LLC, is a family owned supply business with locations in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. G2 Supply specializes in providing companies with general packaging, shipping and industrial supply needs.

Ryan Griffith, President of G2 Supply LLC, said the company is expanding to an old hosiery mill located at 902 Williams Avenue. Griffith said, with the expansion comes additional jobs.

“The economy has been great in Fort Payne and DeKalb County,” he said. “With the help from you guys and the development board, we’re growing.”

Griffith said the company weighed out its options in terms of adding on verses expanding and he said the most logical route pointed toward expansion.

“Business is expanding and we’ve outgrown the 44,000 square foot facility that we acquired four years ago,” he said. “This [the location of expansion] was an old hosiery mill and we were able to come to an agreement on that, so that gives us a lot of additional space.

“It made more sense to expand because of time frames. We’re opening this facility to continue to expand. The economy is very good and we appreciate the support and the opportunity to continue to grow in DeKalb County.”

The council also:

• approved Resolution 2019-03, second reading of the ordinance to annex property off Roden Drive in the Fisher Community and owned by Marlin and Ann Blalock.

• approved the authorization letter of agreement with ALDOT for snow and ice removal

• approved an activity permit for Erica Stevens for St. Jude’s Holiday Shopping Expo for St. Jude’s Hero’s Run at the Alabama Walking Park Nov. 2 from 10 until 4 p.m.

• approved a streetlight request from Steve O’Neal at 302 Wilks Drive

• set a public hearing for Oct. 15 to receive comments for the proposed rezoning of approximately 37 acres off Gault Avenue North across from Heil.

Councilman Gerald “Red” Taylor was back in attendance at Tuesday’s meeting.

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