Several communities in DeKalb County sustained damage during the Easter Sunday storms. Valley Head was among the list that saw immense flood damage.

Downtown was under several feet of water and mud within a few hours. Town Hall, Valley Head Antiques, Law Offices of Thomas J. Skinner, IV, LLC, Valley Tooling and the city park were just a few of the places impacted in the storm.

Officials at Town Hall said the entire town seemed to be underwater for a time.

Rib Shak BBQ, located downtown, stood in several feet of water Monday morning. Owners Floyd and Marcia Jackson said they want to “give all the glory to God, our Lord and Savior” for the community’s help this week with cleaning up after the damage.

Marcia Jackson said when they heard about the storms coming, she placed an open Bible on one of the tables in the restaurant in hopes that God would look over them. When she returned Monday morning, the table with the Bible was the only one not overturned in the flood waters.

“After the flood Sunday night, I came to the restaurant and looked at the damage through the windows, and I saw my husband’s Bible on the table,” Marcia Jackson said. “It had not been touched or even moved as the flood waters went through the building, turning all the tables upside down and floating except for the one with the Bible. Right then, I knew everything was going to be OK because God has his hand on us. What we lost to the flood is so small as to what could have been, so we are thankful.”

Since the waters receded Monday, the Jacksons have been working tirelessly to restore their restaurant, but they haven’t worked alone. Many people from throughout the community have donated time and cleaning products to help the family reopen the business.

“My husband and I are so blessed to have our restaurant in Valley Head,” Jackson said. “This is a great town filled with great people that have treated us like family. We are so thankful for all the calls, texts, messages and people who have come by just to check on us and offer help in cleaning up. We want to thank each person that has been here with us since early Monday morning cleaning. We could not have done this without them.”

The Jacksons said God has big plans for Rib Shak, and they plan to reopen this week to serve their customers.

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