Henagar Park Board to host Bluegrass Festival

The Henagar Park Board will host “May on the Mountain” Bluegrass Festival at Henagar Park May 1. Entertainment will begin at 11:00 a.m. and continue until 6:00 p.m. Bluegrass bands will include Just Passing Through, Heritage, Sacred Harp, The Stiefel Family, New Home, Tradition and The Bailey’s.

The festival is a completely free event for the community; all you need to bring is your lawn chair. The park board has discussed hosting a bluegrass festival for some time, and they are very excited that it is coming together.

Henagar Crossover Cowboy Church will serve food at the event. They will not be charging for their food, but any donations are greatly appreciated. The donations they receive will go toward their bible camp for local children.

With Henagar being the Louvin Brothers hometown, they were happy to call the bluegrass festival “May on the Mountain.”

Councilmember Angie Davis said, “We hope to revive the Louvin Brothers festival ‘May on the Mountain’ and make this a yearly event at Henagar Park that people can enjoy for many years to come.”

Charlie Louvin held the first “May on the Mountain” bluegrass event in 1982 at his home place in Henagar. He built a stage, and folks could stay all weekend there and camp. They provided showers and bathing facilities for the event and offered food for the fans.

“We hope to take the “May on the Mountain” name and use it to honor the Louvin Brothers and give the community some great music, food and fellowship at Henagar Park,” said Davis.

The music will take place on the cabin’s porch in the park.

“We are enjoying being able to use the cabin in the park for events; it is such a beautiful piece of Henagar’s history,” said Davis.

Entertainers will include; Just Passing Through, Heritage, Stiefel Family, New Home, The Baileys, Ricky Harcrowe, and the day will finish with Kathy Louvin and Family.

“We appreciate the Louvin family letting us use ‘May on the Mountain’ as the name of our festival and are very happy that they are coming out to perform; It should be a great day for everyone that comes out,” Davis said.

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