The DeKalb County Council on Aging will be hosting its annual “Senior” Prom at the Fyffe Senior Center.

The COA will provide the seniors of DeKalb County with a free night of live music, food and dancing.

The event will be held from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Fyffe Senior Center at 413 Paul Benefield Lane in Fyffe. The building is directly across from the Fyffe Town Park and behind Fyffe High School.

The new location for the dance will allow residents to have closer parking and a covered drop-off area at the door.

“Still kickiN’” will be performing live for the night. The cover band has a variety of music genres that they emulate, including Southern rock, oldies, classic country, Motown, rock ‘n’ roll and country rock.

There will be an area for line dancing, and couples dancing and refreshments will be served. The dress is casual to formal, however, you feel comfortable.

The “Tri-State Area Homeschoolers and Friends” group have allowed the COA to use their decorations to create an “Alice in Wonderland” theme for the night.

“Come join us and dance the night away or relax, listen to the music and socialize,” said Emily McCamy, director of the DeKalb COA.

To meet the requirements for registration, residents must live in DeKalb County and be over the age of 60. If you are attending and are already a part of one of the DeKalb County Senior Centers, contact your center’s manager to register. If you are not a part of a center but would like to register, call the DeKalb County Council on Aging at 256-845-8590. Transportation will be provided for those who are in need.

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