Friday was my first “Football Friday” as a Times-Journal employee, and it did not disappoint.

When I interviewed for this job, Tricia told me two things that have stuck with me. One was that things would get exciting around here during football season.

She told me there would be nights we would be here until 1 a.m. to put a paper together for the weekend edition.

The next thing she told me that has stuck with me is that everyone in the office genuinely likes each other; and when Friday rolled around, I witnessed both the things she told me hold true.

Football Friday started with Tricia’s preparations of ordering us pizza, going to Bruce’s to buy candy, chocolate and cake bites, letting us wear comfy clothes and making sure we had everything in working order to send the paper for Saturday morning.

Being that I am not a sports writer, my role didn’t require as much preparation.

My job was to listen to the radio, while eating pizza, of course, and write the scores down as they were announced. In comparison to the writers covering the games, my job seemed easy.

See, when the games were over, the writers got back to the office as quickly as they could and started speed-typing their stories, while eating pizza, of course. Watching them was enlightening for me because I have never once stopped to think about the efforts of getting the content from a Friday sports event in the newspaper for Saturday — because it just magically appears in the stand, right? Not quite. There’s a lot of teamwork that goes into, not just the editions with football stories, but all the editions we print.

I witnessed that teamwork Friday and I couldn’t help but admire the proficiency and determination of everyone in the office to give our readers a good product.

You know, there are not many situations where you work on something with people until midnight or later and manage to remain friends when it’s finally finished.

It still amazes me because we come in the office day to day and we’re happy, laughing with each other and are genuinely friendly with one another.

See, when things start to get somewhat uneventful around here, something like football Friday rolls around and we find ourselves in the office at 12 a.m. wearing sweatpants, eating pizza and cheering for football teams and are happy to be doing so. So Tricia was right, football Friday was exciting, and through teamwork, a paper was put out and everyone still left here as friends.

I know there’s an entire football season ahead of us, but after watching Friday’s events here at the office, I can say with confidence that everyone at The T-J is prepared for this year’s football games, but mostly, we’re happy to work together to cover them.

Staff writer Kayla Beaty column appears Tuesdays.

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