Fort Payne firefighters are accustomed to rescuing others, but when the unit that is used to clean their PPE (personal protective equipment) failed, Servpro stepped up to rescue them.

Servpro of Jackson and DeKalb Counties provides mitigation services, primarily for fire, water and mold. It is a certified operator of the ESPORTA Water System, an industrial\commercial grade washing machine and process process that allows them to clean and restore items and materials that a standard home washer would not be capable of handling.

Firefighters are exposed to many different contaminants that contain carcinogens as a product of structure fires. The production of these materials is more prevalent now due to the increase in the use of synthetic materials in almost everything people use on a day-to-day basis.

While these substances may have benefits for consumer use, they put firefighters at higher risk of developing cancer.

According to Fort Payne Fire Department’s Assistant Chief Stacy Smith, “The protection a firefighter’s PPE offers has greatly evolved due to science, but the gear does get contaminated while conducting fire fighting activities. So it is very important that a fire fighters gear be cleaned as soon as possible.”

“In our time of need, Servpro and Tracy Furgerson have come to our aid on multiple occasions and helped us greatly by cleaning the fire fighter’s PPE. On behalf of Chief Ron Saferite and the entire department we say thank you to Tracy and the Servpro team,” said Smith.

“As a service, and to give back to those that give so much to our communities, we offer to clean the turn-out gear (fire suits) of our area fire departments,” said Servpro Business Development Manager Tracy Furgerson.

“Our services help to reduce the danger to the fire fighters by giving them clean gear to wear to their next call. We appreciate all that our first responders do to protect our communities; we want to give back in our small way to help protect them,” said Furgerson.

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