DeKalb County Deputies apprehended a fugitive from Marshall County in Kilpatrick Sunday, July 28, at approximately 8 p.m.

William Harry Humphries Jr., 45, of Albertville, was apprehended after a traffic stop on Highway 68 near the intersection of Highway 168. Deputies were conducting a two day saturation of the Kilpatrick area.

“We conducted another successful saturation operation in Kilpatrick this week,” DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden said. “We’ll be conducting more of these in different locations around the county.”

Humphries was wanted by Marshall County for escaping from a work release facility. He and his passenger were in possession of approximately 18 grams of Methamphetamine when he was apprehended.

Humphries was charged with Distribution of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. He’s also facing existing charges in Marshall County of Escape 2nd, Escape 3rd, and Failure to Appear for Receiving Stolen Property, 1st.

“These operations help make our roadways safer and also help apprehend wanted criminals passing through our communities,” Welden said. “In the case of Mr. Humpheries, we apprehended a wanted criminal who was also caught in the act of bringing a large amount of Methamphetamine into our county,”

A female, Brenda Buckelew, 38, of Horton, Alabama, was with Humpheries at the time of his arrest. Buckelew was also charged with Distribution of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

The following arrests were also made during the operation:

• Jacobo Perez Belizorio, 34, of Albertville

- Driving Under the Influence (Alcohol)

• Kevin Caudillo, 38, of Attalla

- Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

- Giving False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer

• Angel Davidson, 29, of Attalla

- Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

• Truman Hicks, 54, of Albertville

- Possession of Marijuana, 2nd

- Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

• Randy Hill, 48, of Crossville

- Domestic Violence 3rd

• James Moore, 47, of Fyffe

- Driving Under the Influence (Alcohol)

- Attempt to Elude

- Reckless Endangerment

• Franklin McDowell, 37, of Albertville

- Possession of Controlled Substance

- Drug Paraphernalia

- Resisting Arrest

• Bradley Morgan (39 of Attalla)

- Warrant for Etowah County

• Bradley Blackwell, 22, of Fyffe

- Warrant for Boaz

“These offenders belong in our jail, not on our roads,” he said. “God bless.”

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