This past week the Cornerstone Christian Academy Senior Beta Club traveled over 700 miles to compete at the National Beta Convention in Oklahoma City. Because of the dedicated support of Cornerstone family, Cornerstone was recognized with the highest attendance at the National Convention with 149 people attending.

On Wednesday thirteen club members (10 singers and three dancers) were selected to be premier performers in the opening ceremony. Competitions began on Thursday with sophomore Alex Stiefel placing 6th in the Division I Social Studies Test.

On Thursday afternoon, Cornerstone’s group talent performed in the preliminary competition. Cornerstone was chosen to compete in the top five on Friday morning out of thirty schools from across the nation. Their six-minute show featured selections from the movie “The Greatest Showman.” Fifty club members twirled flags, danced, played instruments, or sang songs from the movie including “The Other Side,” “From Now On,” “The Greatest Show,” and a medley of “Never Enough,” “A Million Dreams,” and “Rewrite the Stars.” Each song was arranged and performed live by Cornerstone students.

The students began working on this show in June of 2018 immediately after returning from nationals in Savannah, Georgia. Throughout the entire school year, the club worked around volleyball, basketball, football, cheer and band to find practice time to create the show. A junior, Emily Stallings, choreographed the entire show and taught students with no previous experience how to dance and perform on stage. The students were thrilled when they discovered that this past year of work earned them the title of National Runner-Up in Group Talent. This is a huge accomplishment for such a small school to continue to compete and place at the national level.

On Thursday afternoon, sixteen Cornerstone students competed in the show choir preliminaries. This was Cornerstone’s first year to compete in show choir, and they made it to the top five finals on Saturday morning. The group sang an arrangement, performed and recorded by Cornerstone students of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. Out of thirty-seven clubs, Cornerstone placed 4th in the National Show Choir Competition.

Cornerstone is incredibly proud of the dedication and passion that their students continually pour into not only their shows, but also into the club members around them. “I am overwhelmed with gratitude for these people, this year, the opportunities that were opened up, and the things that we all accomplished together,” Emily Stallings said. “I am also extremely thankful for our Beta sponsors, Karen Travis, Andi West, and Erica York. They are completely and totally unique.”

Stallings said Cornerstone students were privileged to have sponsors who dedicated their time to helping the students.

“We could not have done such amazing things without their support and driving passion to see our club members reach their God-given potential,” she said.

The sponsors said they were most impressed by how the students expressed their joy and freedom in Christ by using their God-given talents and abilities in their performance.

Premiere Performers:

Scarlett West, Belle Oliver, Trey Bell, Abram Peek, Titus Reed, Maggie Wilks, Matthew Ferguson, Will Ashley, Eden Shavers, Caleb Allen (Front Left) Emily Stallings, Jacie Bell, Megan Beaty

Show Choir:

Will Ashley, Cameron Husser, Matthew Ferguson, Brady Peek, Scarlett West, Katie Wagner, Eden Shavers, Ava Wilks, Belle Oliver, Maggie Wilks, Titus Reed, Trey Bell, Caleb Allen, Abram Peek Keely Berninger and Emily Couch

Group Talent:

Trey Bell, Isabella Hill, Emily Couch, Jacob Perrydore, Sagen Dollar, Abby Fahrubel, Katie Wagner, Alex Williamson, Tanner Gatewood, Abram Peek, Jackson Furlong (Second Row) Erica Couch, Shelby Harrison, Kali Lea, Darby Culpepper, Caleb Allen, Maggie Wilks, Matthew Ferguson, Scarlett West, Layne Fortner, Caleb Hilley, Saxon Cloud, Grady Camp, Noah Miller, Titus Reed, Jonah Drake (Third Row) Laura Beth Wells, Reagan Gatewood, Brady Peek, Chloe Lindsey, Ethan Perrydore, Emily Stallings, Israel Phillips, Brady Biddle, Ethan Henshaw, Eden Shavers, Belle Oliver, Cameron Husser, Luke Murdock (Front Row) Matt Johnson, Autumn White, Keely Berninger, Kelly Nelson, Jacie Bell, Abbie Sims, Megan Beaty, Allison Nelson, Ava Wilks, Will Ashley

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