Bar C Farms announces Mule Day

Admission for the event is $2 per person and children age 5 and under get in free.

Collinsville’s third annual Collinsville Mule Day Festival returns this Labor Day.

Jonathan and Sarah Chastain, owners of Bar C Farms, have been hosting this event for the last few years.

Festivities will take place on the South end of Collinsville Trade Day and Bar C Farms commencing at 9:30 a.m.

Admission for the event is $2 per person and children age 5 and under get in free.

Kicking off the Collinsville Mule Day is the parade that will begin at the Bar C Farm Arena located at the south end of Collinsville Trade Day.

The parade starts at 9:30 a.m. and its route will go through the town of Collinsville.

Sarah Chastain of Bar C Farms and co-organizer said individuals do not have to pre-register for the parade.

According to event organizers, the “Best Wagon” will be judged during the parade.

“We’ll have pony rides and food along with a few other vendors,” Sarah said.

Like in previous years, there will be various mule riding competitions.

Sarah said the mule and horse pull event is the main event for the day and was also the biggest attraction in Ider when Mule Day was on the North end of the county.

The following is a list of various events for the day:

Best Mare Mule (Halter)

Best Horse Mule (Halter)

Best Riding Mare Mule

Best Riding Horse Mule

Obstacle Course

Mule and Horse Pull

Chastain said people could preregister for the contest by contacting the numbers provided below.

The Mule Day tradition began in the town of Ider years ago, and after its termination in 2017 the local tradition relocated to Collinsville.

In addition to the festivities, the town of Collinsville is sponsoring its popular fireworks display at sundown.

Anyone interested in sponsoring contact Sarah or Jonathan Chastain at 256-659-8046 or 256-659-8045.

Follow Bar C Farms on Facebook for events.

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