Visitor thanks agencies for DeSoto Falls rescue

This is not the way you hope your day of hiking in DeKalb County ends, but visitor Shirley Talley of Bradenton, Florida is grateful that local rescuers answered the call in her time of need. 

Yesterday, Monday, June 26, 2021 my husband and I decided to climb down to see your beautiful DeSoto Falls. We are not hikers so foolishly I only had a cup of coffee, no water, no snack or inhaler in case my asthma acted up.

The trek down was challenging but was so much fun. We made it to the point we could actually see the top of the falls when I became dehydrated, my nose & ears closed and I began to feel faint. Two young gentlemen came by and immediately decided I needed help. One ran back up to the entrance of the falls to call for help while the other stayed with us.

A fire chief from a town close to Chattanooga and his family met us on their trek to the falls. He loaned me several puffs on his inhaler, gave me a bottle of water and a granola bar. He and his family stayed until he knew rescue was on the way.

Rescue arrived and determined I was in no condition to return to our car. They called in several rescue units. Two Parks staff were there. I was told rescue personnel from local, state & federal agencies were participating. They packaged me in a basket with a single wheel and guided me successfully back up to the top entrance where my husband was waiting. They placed me in an ambulance that took me to the DeKalb Regional Medical Center ER. They determined I was dehydrated, gave me IV fluids and released me.

I did not get the names of all the people who participated in my rescue effort as well as the staff care at the ER but my husband and I are eternally grateful for the concern, care, friendliness and professionalism that each and everyone of them showed. It was not an easy task but it was evident their training kicked in, got the job done and were ready to respond to the next emergency that might be called in.

Through this letter, I want the heads of the agencies with personnel who helped in this effort and the readers of this newspaper to know we thank each and everyone of these rescuers who, in our mind, deserve a well deserved commendation.

Shirley and Harry Talley,

Bradenton, Florida

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