The DeKalb County Board of Education was awarded the District Leadership Award by the Southern Regional Education Board during last Thursday’s board meeting.

The SREB recognizes outstanding leadership efforts that establish structures to help schools transform their school and classroom practices and maintain cultures of continuous improvement.

“I appreciate everyone’s hard work with the SREB in earning this award we’ve been sent,” said DeKalb County Superintendent Wayne Lyles.

Per the SREB, the board works with states and educators to improve public education at every level, from early childhood through postsecondary education.

“Our school board also needs to be commended for the 2021 AASB School Board Member Academy Achievement Award from the Alabama Association School Board,” Lyles said.

Additionally, the board also achieved the AASB 2021 Team Training Achievement Award formerly, the President Award, presented to boards that have had at least 60% of their members attend three or more school Board Member Academy courses in the year ending on June 30, 2021.

DeKalb County Board Members were also recognized for achieving individual milestones in their training. Board member Monty Darwin achieved Level 1 certification, Chris Andrews achieved Level 1 certification and Carol Hiett achieved Level 2 and 3 certification with the Alabama Association of School Board Members.

The board also:

• approved the school’s financial statements/general fund bank reconciliation and local school fund balance, bill and accounts

• approved the early graduation of Sierra Ramsey of Ider High School.

• approved the Crossville Elementary School Awning bid from Aluminum Awning Company LLC at $28,000.00.

• approved the following resignations: Vickie Gary - store worker (6-hour) - Geraldine High School (effective 10/5/21) and Autumn McMunn - secondary mathematics teacher - Valley Head High School (effective 10/9/21)

• approved the transfer of Cindy Smith - high school counselor to assistant principal at Fyffe High School (2021-291), April Hill - instructional coach to high school counselor at Fyffe High School (2021-303), Judy Rains - CNP worker at Geraldine High School to store worker (6-hour) at Geraldine High School (2021-302) (effective 10/6/21), Jodi Buttram - assistant Principal ( 9.5-month) to assistant principal (10-month) at Sylvania High School (2021-297), Nicole Carroll - business education teacher at Valley Head High School to assistant principal (9.5-month) at Sylvania High School (2021-299) and Whitney Whiteside - itinerant special education teacher at Plainview High School to assistant principal (10-month) at Plainview High School (2021-296)

• approved the certified placement (All placements are made pending a background review meeting suitability criteria and negative, pre-employment drug screen and appropriate certification): Cory Dobbins - elementary teacher - Henagar Jr. High School (2021-298) and Kristen Jones - elementary teacher (leave 9/20/21-5/27/22) - Geraldine High School (2021-300) (effective 9/20/21)

• approved the support placement of Mandy Smith - assistant custodian (9-month/7-hour) - Geraldine High School (2021-295)

• approved the following contracts: After School Literacy Teacher - GEER, Karen Barnett - Fyffe High School, Christi Black - Valley Head High School, Amy Burrows - Valley Head High School, Wanda Burt - Ruhama Jr. High School, Shannon Chappell - Valley Head High School, Avery Collins - Fyffe High School, Heather Conkle - Ruhama Jr. High School, Barbie Davis - Ider High School, Deborah Durham - Ider High School, Renee Fraley - Valley Head High School, Nancy Frost - Valley Head High School, Chassidy Griggs - Plainview High School, Carla Hamilton - Ruhama Jr. High School, Amy Haymon - Valley Head High School, Felicia Higdon - Ider High School, Ginger Hill - Geraldine High School, Teresa Jamison - Geraldine High School, Taylor Littles - Geraldine High School, Brittany Martin - Fyffe High School, Dana Patterson - Geraldine High School, Kristi Underwood - Fyffe High School, Lynne Wagner - Valley Head High School, Lori Morgan - Ruhama Jr. High School, Sonya Pope - Ruhama Jr. High School, Melissa Warren - Ruhama Jr. High School, Tammy Wynn - Ruhama Jr. High School, ShayThrasher-FyffeHighSchool, After-School Literacy Camp Bus Driver - GEER - Rex Harrison - Valley Head High School, Larry Tilley - Ider High School, Erin Rowell - Geraldine High School, Sharon Sibert - Geraldine High School, In-School Literacy Teacher/Tutor - GEER - Sharron Miller - Ruhama Jr. High School, Annabella Brown - Fyffe High School, Riley Thrasher - Fyffe High School, Jodie Maze - Crossville Elementary School, Teresa Jamison - Geraldine High School, Tracey Monroe - Fyffe High School, Part-Time EL Teacher - State EL, Rhonda Jolley - Crossville Elementary School, Phillip Mosley - Crossville High School, DVA - Local, GEER, Teresa Smith - Spanish Teacher, Patrick Blevins - Science Teacher, Homebound - Local - Daphne Chandler, Janitorial Services - IDEA B - Sundown Services - Annex, Lawn Maintenance - IDEA B - RJ’s Lawn Care - Annex, Custodial Support - ESSER 1 - Britt Mann - Ider High School, TEAMS - Emily Moore - Science - Crossville High School, Lucy Bright - Math - Crossville High School

• approved the following volunteer coaches: Geraldine High School - William Coefield - Softball, Ider High School - Jeff Whitaker - Baseball, Robert Elliott - Softball, Roger Pruett - Girls Basketball

• approved the following superintendent’s recommendations, comments and reports:

- permission to place personnel pending board approval.

- Chief of Staff Supplement

- Declaration of Emergency for Ider High School Gym Roof due to Health and Safety concerns

- amend 2020-20 DeKalb County School Calendar for virtual learning days for Oct. 14 and 15 the week of fall break.

- approved to reinstate Families First Coronavirus Relief Act Leave from April 1, 2021 to Sept. 30, 2021. The act provided employees with paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave for COVID-19 related reasons.

- Lyles reported the annual School Bus Inspection Exit Report found no findings.

- Lyles reported the Review of Disproportionality in IDEA found no findings in its reports.

- approved to raise the Chief of Staff supplement.

- approved the Declaration of Emergency for the Ider High School Gym Roof Due to Health and Safety Concerns following roof leaking issues in immediate need of repair.

- approved to amend the 2021-22 school calendar for virtual learning on Oct. 14 and 15, 2021.

- The board also heard from Harley Phillips, executive director of the Alabama Conference of Educators and representative Stephen Bunt. The ACOE is a professional teachers association created by teachers for teachers who provinces professionals with liability insurance, legal assistant and job protection.

• Board members selected Christ Andrews, Carol Hiett and alternate Robert Elliott to the AASB Delegate Assembly Selection for the December Winter Conference in Birmingham.

- Board Chairman Randy Peppers announced the AASB District Director Section will be filled at the next board meeting on Oct. 19.

The next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 19, 2021, work session at 4:30 and regular meeting at 5 p.m. in the meeting room of the Facilities Building.

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