The Blue backs the community

“Shop With a Cop” allows kids to choose $100 of presents while spending time with local policemen

The Rainsville Police Department now has two fundraisers underway for the holiday season.

Starting Nov. 1, Rainsville officers began raising money for their second “Shop With a Cop” event.

Last year, Ider native Mycah Swift proposed the charity event to support local children in need of Christmas gifts by recruiting the help of the police department.

By celebrating “No Shave November,” officers are sponsored through the month of November and the proceeds allow local children to pick out what they would like to receive for Christmas.

“If each officer raises $100, they don’t have to shave throughout the month of November,” Rainsville Police Chief Kevin Smith said. “Then, we select our candidates and take that child shopping. We give them $100 a piece to let them spend it at Walmart for their Christmas.”

Last year’s event was made possible by Swift’s fundraising efforts, and she was able to raise over $1,500, Smith said.

“Mycah raised the money herself last year and contacted us and asked us to be a part of it and take the children shopping,” Smith said. “We jumped on the idea last year. I told her we’d join in again this year with a fundraiser.”

The department’s goal is to provide Christmas gifts for 30 children this year, he said.

Until December, the department will take donations and sponsorships for No Shave November, he said.

“If someone wants to sponsor a specific officer so they don’t have to shave, they can, or they can just do a single donation, whatever they prefer,” Smith said. “I’m challenging all DeKalb County law enforcement to participate and raise money for this event.”

The application process for families to participate in the shopping event will begin soon, he said.

Along with the Christmas gift fundraiser, the department is also continuing their free winter coat drive.

Starting last winter, officers have accepted donations of coats, still in good condition, to give to residents in need.

Last year, the department was able to supply a few hundred people in the community with a coat, Smith said.

“I want everyone to be clothed, and if they can’t afford it, I want to show God’s love to them,” Smith said. “Donations can be dropped off at any time and anybody that needs one can come by at any time, and we’ll get them taken care of. We ask that the coats come in washed, of course, and in good shape. If you wouldn’t want to wear it, why would anyone else?”

Participants do not have to be from the city of Rainsville to receive or donate coats.

“We have plenty of warm coats for adults and teenagers, but we’re short on children’s coats,” Smith said. “We have a few, but not a lot.”

The department is asking for lightly worn coats in any sizes below an adult small.

For more information on how to sponsor an officer for the “No Shave November” and the “Shop With a Cop,” or how to donate or receive a coat, call the Rainsville Police Department at 256-638-2157.

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