Answering the call

Above and left are Advanced EMT Collette Ball and Paramedic Cole Bates, and right, is EMT Tabatha Croft with Field Operations Supervisors Scott Pepper. The crew, along with two ambulances and medical supplies, is expected to be deployed for one to two weeks to assist. 

As a Network provider under American Medical Response’s contract with FEMA, DeKalb Ambulance Service is responding to the request to provide assistance to those affected by Hurricane Laura in the Gulf Region.

DeKalb Ambulance Service announced Friday that it has deployed two crews and two ambulances, along with additional medical supplies. They anticipate the crews will be on a seven to14-day activation, but that can change as the situation changes. The crews will stay in the area as long as needed. When the crews arrive at their assigned area, they will be working under the guidance of FEMA, State and local EMS agencies.

“We are fortunate to be able to send some of our local assets – including personnel and equipment, to assist the communities affected by Hurricane Laura,” said Cheryl Turner, DAS director. “It is important that the citizens of DeKalb County understand that sending these resources does not affect our day-to-day ability to provide timely medical response for all the communities we serve. We ask that everyone be in prayers for our crews and their safe return as we help others on their worst days. When disasters of this magnitude occur, EMS agencies and other emergency workers come together to work tirelessly on behalf of the affected communities.”

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