owner Laurie Carter

Mid Town Café & Grill, located in the middle of downtown Fort Payne, now has its alcohol license and stays open almost every day of the week.

Owner Laurie Carter said the license was obtained about two weeks ago and the restaurant was previously only open for lunch, but now they are expanding their hours.

She said from Monday to Thursday they are open from 10:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday the café opens at noon.

But opening a new business isn’t easy, Carter said. . It all began with a family who decided to pursue their dreams together.

“My husband had always wanted to open something like a sports bar, and my son loves to cook,” said Carter. “It was actually the two of them who wanted to do this. Between them, I just said yes.”

Carter said the building, one of the old downtown models, gives the place an atmosphere everyone loves. She said the bar occupies the upstairs, while downstairs serves as the spacey dining room.

“We knew here in Fort Payne that people like to go to places that offer a decent atmosphere and are locally owned,” she said. “All together, we just wanted to have something that would be fun here in Fort Payne.”

Something new the venue has been doing is hosting bands. Carter said they are interested in featuring local artists, which is something they did last weekend.

“This past weekend was fantastic. Saturday night we had Still Kickin’ which was the biggest show that we’ve had since we’ve been open,” she said.

On Saturday, Kevin Wood and the Stranded Band will start playing at 9 p.m. and there is a cover charge of $5.

Carter said in the middle of this month, they will also start having karaoke.

Aside from the atmosphere, Mid Town offers a variety of cuisine. From homemade lunch specials such as soup, pot roast, chicken dressing to just about everything else. Carter said the full menu offers things like burgers and chicken with the occasional chicken alfredo special.

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