Rainsville discusses easement for sewer expansion

The Rainsville City Council during Monday night’s work session heard from engineer James Payton of Ladd Engineering regarding an easement allowing the city to expand the sewer line 200 feet.

“A couple of years ago the city extended the sewer line along [Alabama] Highway 35 across from [Plainview High] School,” said Payton.

He said a new business is looking to be set up in one of the vacant lots in that area.

“If we can go up a property line back towards the [Super 8] hotel and get a sewer line up behind that property then we can take the sewer further,” said Payton. “The building that’s going in is going to be fairly close to the property line so it’s important to get it in now before that business is built.”

Current property owners agreed to give an easement to the City of Rainsville, said Payton. An easement gives a person, company or government the right to use someone else’s real estate for a specific purpose, in this case, for the addition of more than 200 feet of sewer segment.

“It’s my recommendation that the council goes ahead and installs that,” he said. "This will get the sewer back to the property line, so you can extend that later on.”

Payton said the estimated project cost is in the $25,000 range. He said profile specifications have been prepared for the bidding process.

During Monday night's regular meeting, the council also approved to empower Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt to sign the proposed easement, containing a permanent and temporary easement and approved to bid out the project with a deadline of 12 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 27.

The council also:

• approved the 3% cost of living wage increase for city employees as part of their longevity raise and worker retention efforts proved during the mid-September meeting would go into effect on 9-30-2021.

• approved the purchase of a body cam, radio and portable radio for the Code Enforcement Officer at the cost of $988.94. Equipment currently in use will be returned to the Rainsville Police Department for use.

• approved paying the remaining balance of $3,188.86 for the Rainsville Fire Department fire truck ladder electrical issue repairs.

• accepted Blake Farmer’s resignation from the Public Works Department.

• approved hiring David Dudley, CDL driver for the Public Works Department effective 9-30-2021.

• approved the travel training request of Detective-Training Officer Josh Wilson and Captain Todd Bowen from the Rainsville Police Department.

• approved TNT Paving bid for patchwork on Kirk Road, Kain Avenue, Kilgore Street, Oak Street and Industrial Drive at the cost of $9,700.00.

• approved TNT Paving bid for the paving of Plainview Street at the cost of $33,700.00.

• approved the placing of a street light at the north end entrance of the Northeast Alabama Agri-Business Center.

• approved the purchase of a new engine for a 2017 sanitation truck from Lance Kittle Truck-Trailer Repair at the cost of $35,750.00.

• approved Resolution 10-04-2021, the transfer of funds from the American Rescue Plan account to the sewer account for reimbursement of funds for sewer projects completed after 03-03-2021.

Councilman Bejan Taheri was absent from Monday night’s meeting.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Oct. 18, 2021, with a workshop at 4 p.m. and a regular session at 4:30 p.m.

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