Rainsville PD ends downtown drug transaction

Further investigations led to the discovery and seizure of marijuana and other illegal substances, along with cash and guns.

A buy-bust operation was executed in Rainsville this week for illegal narcotics at a service station at the intersection of Main Street and McCurdy Ave.

According to a press release from the Rainsville Police Department, the department received information about a drug transaction that was set to take place at the service station around 6 p.m. on Tuesday. Officers then took position to witness and intercept the transaction. Shortly after 6 p.m., officers witnessed three vehicles pull into the station and park on the south side of the building and an exchange of money and suspected narcotics.

Officers then moved in to make contact. All individuals involved were detained without incident.

Upon making contact, it was discovered that a marijuana purchase had taken place, along with marijuana use, at the time we arrived. Further searching led to the discovery of other illegal narcotics which were clonazepam and hydrocodone.

All subjects involved were arrested and all contraband was seized. According to the Rainsville Police Department, further investigation led to information about more illegal narcotics at a residence on County Road 400 in Fyffe. A search warrant was then executed by the Rainsville Police Department and the Fort Payne Police Department.

This led to the discovery of more marijuana and paraphernalia, with all contraband being seized. While investigating further, more information was obtained about the location where the marijuana was being sold from, and after making contact with the individual, a search warrant was then obtained and executed due to marijuana being plainly visible in the residence.

​​The search led to the discovery of a large amount of marijuana, guns, and cash. All contraband was seized. The entirety of the investigation led to the arrest of six people in association with the distribution and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

“This was a successful evening for the Rainsville Police Department and the Fort Payne Police Department,” Chief Michael Edmondson said. “It is just another example of how being proactive presents opportunities to find and arrest the people who are tainting our cities and communities with the use and distribution of illegal drugs.”

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