He was named director at the DeKalb County Board of Education meeting Jan. 25.

The BOE appointed him upon the recommendation of the superintendent.

“Mrs. Nelson retired after 41 years of service,” said Phillips. “She was assistant career tech director for two years and (worked) seven years as Career Tech Director.”

For three and a half years, Phillips served as the assistant director at the tech school.

As the director, he is responsible for all career tech education programs within the DeKalb County School System, which consists of the tech school and eight high schools.

New possibilities have arisen since Phillips filled the position – one being a partnership with Toyota of Alabama.

“That was a new opportunity which happened recently, and we are extremely excited about the partnership and the opportunities it will provide for students,” he said. “Toyota of Alabama recently donated six state-of-the-art V6 engines, giving our students the chance to learn their skill on the latest technology, better preparing them for the 21st century workplace. We have been blessed the last couple of years to enter into partnerships with automotive giants such as Toyota and

Volkswagen. It's a win-win situation for the students and economy of DeKalb County.”

Phillips said the tech school is working on adding two new programs in the future – law enforcement and broadcasting media.

“Career Tech Education is my passion, and I hope everyone sees it on a daily basis,” he said. “I want to see CTE grow and I want it to be a game changer for the students of DeKalb County, and we will continue to seek out the best possibilities for our students so they will have the cutting edge skills that will set them apart in the job market.

“I just want to give a personal thanks to all of the Career Tech Instructors, support staff, and bus drivers in DeKalb County for their dedication and hard work, along with the Board of Education and Superintendent (Hugh) Taylor for their support of DeKalb County Career Tech.”

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